Jamal Lewis Cements His Legend in Baltimore

Jarrett CarterAnalyst INovember 13, 2009

It seems almost unfair that the unceremonious ending to Jamal Lewis’ career be highlighted by a Monday night matchup against the team he helped to make famous.

The 10-year veteran, who has been staunch about his plans to retire following the conclusion of this season, will host a Ravens team with a season on the line and thousands of his yards and memories to their credit.

He won’t be remembered as one of the great running backs in NFL history, despite having one of the best single-season rushing performances of all time.

His career is likely to be highlighted with suspensions , jail-time , and the misery of his tenure with the Browns. Maybe, interspersed between the drama, you will find some highlights of the big man with the quick feet and quiet demeanor.

It escapes most people that by season’s end, Lewis will likely be ranked in the top 20 in NFL history in rushing yards. He currently is 21st on the list.

If there is any consolation for Lewis, who has said that he will retire as a Raven, he will enjoy his place as the Ravens’ greatest running back for at least another six to seven seasons, depending on how dynamic Ray Rice turns out to be.

But no matter how much success comes the Ravens’ way in the years to come, no one will ever forget that the team’s first Super Bowl victory was tethered to and pulled into Charm City by No. 31. He may not be the most memorable running back the NFL has ever seen, but by miles and yards, he’s the greatest Baltimore has ever seen.

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