Out of Bounds: Thursday Night Football, Week 10 Picks and more on Planet Ill

Rahsaan HuntContributor INovember 12, 2009

The world of sports has been a busy one, as always, for past few days and there looks to be no stop any time soon. The NFL is entering their tenth week tonight with a match-up of two teams who need a win in a bad way.

The NBA has been very interesting with a couple of  teams surprisingly making some noise (just look at the Phoenix Suns and their 8-1 record. Who knew?). The MLB Hot Stove is always cooking with free agency news. College Football is wrapping up their season, as they get ready for the bowl games and the crowning of a new BCS Champion,  and men’s College Basketball is beginning to roll with a momentous win for Syracuse Men’s Basketball Coach, Jim Boeheim. Congrats Coach.

I love Week 10 in the NFL for a number of reasons:

  1. No more Bye Weeks: After this week, all the teams are playing, for the next seven weeks,  until the end of the regular season. YIPPEE!!!
  2. The NFL’s Flex Schedule: Now the league will start having television networks televise games that people want to see that are better match-ups and may have playoff implications. Once again, YIPPEE!!!
  3. Thursday Night Football: Although, not everyone has the NFL Network, there’s pro-football on television or on the internet, on a Thursday Night and it’s not the UFL. By the way, UFL isn’t that bad. Hey, it’s better that XFL. Actually, a bunch of kids playing football in an abandoned field is better than the XFL.

As always, there’s a few things I need to get off my chest before we look at my picks for Week 10 in the NFL.

This week on Planet Ill, Out of Bounds starts it Thursday Night Football edition with Week 10 picks, thoughts on Larry Johnson and LeGarrette Blount (again) and the Game of the Week with the Question of the Week poll.

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