Manchester City's Robinho Trains With The Seleção - Retribution Fears Abound

Brazilian Football by SBSenior Analyst INovember 13, 2009

Much has been said in England about EPL club, Manchester City, objecting to their injured player Robinho representing Brazil in upcoming friendlies versus Oman and England.

Mark Hughes, the Manchester City manager, was adamant that the player could only be part of the group but should not actively take part in any of Brazil's two upcoming friendlies.

-He may benefit from training with the quality of the squad that Brazil has but frankly we would be disappointed if he played in a full international because he would compromise himself- said Hughes.

Liverpool's Fabio Aurelho has also not been released by the English club Liverpool with injury again being the excuse given.

Lucas who plays for the same Liverpool and Robinho are the only two English based players who will go up against the England national side on Saturday.

The match probably will mean a lot more for England as they seek to inflict their forth win ever in 23 attempts.

All of England's 3 victories throughout history have been in friendlies, which the English, no doubt, treat as if they were the final of the World Cup.

Partly due to the fact that England, and so many other European nations, has never been able to defeat Brazil in a competitive match, throughout all of football history.

Also partly due to the fact that Brazil is the benchmark for world football being the undisputed most victorious team of all time in all categories of the sport.

Brazil should treat the friendly as a chance to test new players, many based in Europe. Brazil's manager, Dunga has refrained from calling any local based players because of the conclusion of the important final rounds of the Brazilian Championship.

Because of Brazil's need to conduct tests, Manchester City's Mark Hughes may end up getting his wish with Robinho staying on the bench.

However this will undoubtedly have to do with how the match evolves.

For the sake of Lucas and Robinho one can only hope that England are not humiliated in any way thus eliminating any chance of retribution back at their clubs.

Who can forget the Brazilian player, Eduardo da Silva, eliminating England from a Eurocup place, with his adopted nation Croatia, only to suffer a subsequent, violent, criminal assault, back in the English league, afterwards.

Let's all hope this friendly stays friendly.