Four Wins Is Actually A Huge Milestone For Upstart Oklahoma City Thunder

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Four Wins Is Actually A Huge Milestone For Upstart Oklahoma City Thunder
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You have to crawl before you walk.

The Thunder have four wins and that is a very big thing.

Not because it is a franchise record but that they did it more than a month and a half faster than they did last year.

If you are of the camp that all the Seattle records, history and stats should remain in Washington, then the Thunder, in only their second year, have made a huge strides.

They started off last year with twenty nine losses before they reached win number four on New Year's Ever. This year, they reached four wins on Veteran's day with only four losses.

Time will tell if they can keep this momentum for an entire season and make a run at a playoff spot in their second year in the OKC but it seems early in the year that it is a no-brainer that this team is vastly improved.

They have yet to lose a game by 10 points this season. Last year by their fourth win they had lost more than a handful by 10.

Two of their losses were extremely competitive that just came down to making shots and plays at the end which they did not. They are still terribly young and need experience in more close games before they can be expected to win the close ones more often than not. However, Being competitive in all eight games thus far is a huge step forward for this team who was often out of games last year by the fourth quarter.

They have played good teams well. The Thunder have played both teams from last years championship and took one to overtime and the other they blew out by 28 at home. While the doubters will say neither team was at full strength, Even Orlando's coach Stan Van Gundy said, "The Thunder are much better than us right now. They would have [won] if we had everybody."

While the Thunder are no where near being the same caliber of either of these teams being competitive and being able to take advantage of one on a bad night shows a lot.

So while winning four games is a somewhat laughable milestone, it is the symbol of so much for the young Thunder. It is a sign that Scott Brooks dedication to defense can yield results even with a terribly young team, that Sam Presti may actually know what he is doing, that the Chicago Bulls made a huge mistake releasing Thabo Selofosha and so much more.

Most importantly, it shows that the Thunder have made immense improvement in just one short year.

If they continue to grow as a team at this pace, they will be a force to deal with in no time. 

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