Notre Dame-Pittsburgh: Do It For Lou Holtz

Erin McLaughlinSenior Analyst IINovember 12, 2009

After such a disappointing loss to Navy, most of the attention for Notre Dame has focused on the future of Charlie Weis with Notre Dame. As a result, none of the media has hardly focused on the game with Pittsburgh at all. Imagine the build up for this game if the Irish had beat Navy.

Notre Dame and Pittsburgh would be set for an epic showdown. The Fighting Irish would still be fighting to make a move up the BCS poll. The Panthers would want a win over Notre Dame to give them momentum as they battle Cincinnati for the Big East Title.

Instead the Irish lost and this game that was setting up to be huge is now almost on the back burner. That could be good for the Irish. They could show up on Saturday and be so tired of all the negative attention it received this week and go out and play the game of their lives.

A win over Pittsburgh would change everything. This team would once again be on pace for a 10 win season. Although the BCS is out, a 9-3 regular season would get the Irish a Gator Bowl bid and a chance to get that 10th win over an ACC opponent. It could be the renewal of an old rivalry with Miami (Catholics vs. Convicts).

A win there would make the season a success and set them up next year for a BCS run. Based on that, there is still alot for the Irish to play for.

For me though, the biggest reason for the Irish to play hard for is Lou Holtz. Holtz is constantly standing up for Notre Dame on ESPN College Gameday. At the same time, Mark May is the biggest Notre Dame hater out there and is constantly discrediting anything positive the Irish do.

May is a Pittsburgh Alum. Therefore an Irish win would give Holtz bragging rights and would humble May, at least for a little while.

Doesn't Holtz deserve that? Sure, he does overhype the Irish at times. I have to scratch my head and think, "Lou, you are really not helping and making us look bad." But at the end of the day, he loves Notre Dame. If his biggest flaw is that he loves Notre Dame too much, God bless him.

He picks Notre Dame every week to win, even against the USCs. May constantly attacks him for picking the Irish. As much as he makes me sick. It makes me more sick that he has always been right. Isn't time to make a liar out of him.

Notre Dame has let Holtz down time and time again and allowed May to get the best of him. Isn't time to change that? Wouldn't you feel great for Lou to be able to talk about an Irish victory in the postgame? Wouldn't you love to see May have to give the Irish their due for beating his alma mater?

I know I would.

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