How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Just Love The Game

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How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Just Love The Game
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I am an avid Oklahoma fan always have been, I am a complete and utter homer. There its out there the first three comments have been answered. Right now is a bit of a disappointing time to be a sooner fan, we are sitting at 5-4 and looking for bowl eligibility. No national title, no repeat Heisman, no fourth straight conference title. 
Bad luck just happens, this team has some how angered the football gods and is paying its penitence in injuries. DeMarcus Granger, Tom Wart, Mike Balogun, Jermaine Gresham, Sam Bradford, Ryan Broyles (how he is playing with a fractured shoulder blade i don't know, morphine?) Ben Habern, Jarvis Jones, Brian Simmons,Auston English, Brody Eldridge, and to a degree Demarco Murray. That is a hefty list of has been or would be starters that are injured. 
The fact that OU was so close to winning every game they lost is quite frankly amazing. Now don't get me wrong each of those games hurt and they hurt bad, when OU lost to BYU I got incredibly hammered on fine Patron Gold margaritas when I was on vacation in North Carolina, when they lost to Miami I was playing poker in Midwest city and losing out the rear end and my only friend was a bottle of sailor Jerry.

The worst of all was the loss to Texas, I suffered that one in a pub in Reno called the flowing tide. A pair of shipwrecks and a few pitchers later i felt just as bad (if not worse). I'm not even gonna talk about Nebraska (a shot a punt...16 punts). 
But you know what this thing happens, every team has its tough times and coaches have hardship seasons, for OU under stoops it was 1999, 2005, 2006, and now 2009.

In 2005 I recall thinking about how many passes the receivers dropped and how the offensive line didn't mesh in 2005 but look how they rebounded it was the core of that team that got OU to three straight Big 12 Titles and three straight BCS bowls. 
Any sooner fan who dares to ask if Bob stoops and company should be fired for having a unlucky year LESS THAN A YEAR REMOVED FROM A TITLE GAME APPEARANCE needs to take there sooner gear, go outside burn it and go buy some burnt orange cow gear. 
Seriously do none of you bandwagon haters remember the 1990s? 

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