Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers to Never Win a World Title

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IJune 11, 2008

I have seen quite a few lists on here lately. Some have been very good, others highly questionable. But that is the point of lists to cause spirited debate.I have decided to list Wrestlers who despite their greatness or High profile success were never given the a run as World Heavyweight Champion.

The criteria I am using as World titles consist of WWWF/WWF/WWE Title, NWA/WCW/WORLD Title, The old AWA title that ended in 1990, The ECW title that ended in 2001, and the NWA/TNA title.

Sorry to World Class, USWA, NWA between 1991and TNA and many others that claim to be "World" titles I am sticking to the PWI Reconized World titles.I also did not include active wrestlers who may still get the gold.

10. Magnum T.A.

The long time U.S. champ had his career cut short by an auto accident or he surely would have gotten a chance to take the title from Ric Flair in the 80's. We will always be left to think of what might have been.

9. Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson

I just had to put these two together. They dominated the Tag scene in the late 80's and were by themselves great singles wrestlers. Running with the 4 Horsemen brought both fame and fortune but kept them from getting title shots at Ric Flair. Which brings me to...

8. Barry Windham

I know he won the NWA 1993 and had a nice run with the strap. But it was not really a "World' title anymore at that point it was a secondary title in WCW like the ECW title is now. Windham was a technical wizard for a man his size and despite getting many main event matches was never allowed to run with the ball.

7. Scott Hall

Throughout most of his career Hall was always the Next guy to get the belt. He waited behind Diesel, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels in the WWF/WWE and behind Kevin Nash (Diesel), Hollywood Hogan and Sting in WCW. He brought most of his lack of main event status on himself but one fact remains he could really wrestle.

6. Rick Rude

Another wrestler who held the NWA title as a secondary WCW belt. But he never did get his deserved run as a true world champion. He was an over the top entertainer who could even carry the Ultimate Warrior to a good match. That alone shoul've gotten him a Title run.

5. Owen Hart

Another technical wizard who never got the just respect he earned. If Owen Hart had been 6'4 255 he would have been a long time title holder. WWF/WWE almost never let a smaller wrestler get the big gold and when they did it was only his big brother Bret and Michaels who got the chances. Owen should have gotten the gold.

4. Paul Orndorff

Another in the long line of 80's WWF guys who should've gotten a run. Hulk Hogan and Orndorff had a great rivalry and he almost took the gold every time only to have the Hulkster comeback on him. In the NWA Ric Flair was letting others have runs even brief ones too bad Orndorff stayed with Vince a little too long.

3. Nikita Koloff

The original Goldberg. He came out just crushing people in the 80's. He also had several great main event matches with Flair, only to never get the gold. He was also rumored to have been offered a big run with the WWF in the 80's to work with Hogan and reportedly turned it down. He even had a run with the AWA in it's dying days against Larry Zbyszko It's a shame he never got the big win.

2. Ted DiBiase

The Million dollar man did'nt always get his man. Again another great technical wrestler who never got the push past Hogan. He had the gimmick and the mic skills not to mention the ring skills. The WWF of the 80's seemed to frown upon Technical wrestling and DiBiase never got the gold.He had great matches with Randy Savage but was never allowed to win the Gold. Truly a shame.

1. Rowdy Roddy Piper

One of the only mean to be allowed to "cleanly" beat Hulk Hogan, but it came in a non-title match. Every win versus a world Champ was always by DQ or just a Non-title match. Others on this list have better in ring skills but noone reached the mainstream success of the Rowdy one. Even today the fact that he was never world champ is fodder for Jabroni's like Santino to bring up. Hey if Vince Got to be Champ for a week in his 50's why not Roddy?

Honorable Mention: Superfly Snuka, Greg Valentine, Dean Malenko and Bob Orton Jr.