New Jersey Nets Should Hire Byron Scott

JerseySenior Analyst IFebruary 26, 2017

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Look, I'm all for an 0-82 season.

Seriously, the Nets are horrible. They're not about to get any better this year. They may even end up with the number one draft choice in 2010—not to mention enough cap room to sign LeBron James AND another big free agent with cash flow from a rich new owner. Mark my words, the Nets will be title contendors for years to come, starting next season.
But right now, they're just awful. And if they're going to lose a lot of games, let's make it historic and lose them all.
But that doesn't mean I'm off the "Fire Lawrence Frank" bandwagon.
Avid readers of my blog know how much I despise the short coach of the Nets. He's a lame duck, and with the team about to be turned over, I doubt he'll be around next season. (HOOray!)
So why not get started a little early? Ditch the poor guy right now. I've got a new coach all ready and waiting.
He's former Nets coach Byron Scott, and he's freshly fired from the New Orleans Hornets.
Have we forgotten that Scott was the coach during the "glory years" when Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin took the team to two consecutive championships? Sure, they lost them both, but it's the closest they ever got.
Remember how Scott was run out of town for no good reason—other than not getting along with Kidd, who, by the way, is no longer employed by the New Jersey Nets?
And then, of course, he won coach of the year with the Hornets, while Frank ran the team into the ground, even with Vince Carter joining Kidd.
Now the Nets are once again starting over.
They're back to where they were when Scott first arrived: young and one player away. And with another great draft pick on the way, along with the arrival of at least one big player (likely two), the Nets could use a good coach to point them in the right direction.
Scott is the man. Let's go, Nets. Scoop him up. Not for this year, but for next.