Rage in the Cage Back at The Desert Diamond in Tucson November 14th

Todd Jackson@tjaxmmaSenior Analyst INovember 12, 2009

The time has come for another Rage in the Cage fight in Tucson Ariz. on Nov. 14.  Together Roland Sarria and the Desert Diamond Casino are putting together another high profile event for fight fans in the desert.
Rage in the Cage has always boasted many well known fighters who got their start fighting for RITC and Mr. Sarria.  Some notable competitors to fight for RITC have been current WEC title holder Jamie Varner, Joe Diesel Riggs, and TUF standout Efrain Escudero.
Another man who is no stranger to RITC is UFC veteran George Roop.  George has left the UFC for now and is pursuing a title belt in the RITC featherweight division.  He is set to square off with Matt Dell for that strap. 
George is a local favorite in the Tucson area.  He boasts local MMA clothing company Jitz as a sponsor and wears their gear with pride.  The fans love him here, he supports local MMA, and the man just puts on a great fight.  RITC is fortunate to have him back in their realm showcasing his fighting skills for local fight fans.
A fighter that many fans may not know about is Joe Yager.  Yager is competing in only his third amateur fight on Saturday but his reputation precedes him if you can believe that. 
Local MMA insiders tell me that Yager is the real deal, and with some training and cage seasoning, he will make an impression on this sport at heavyweight or light heavy if his goals come to fruition.  And just between you and I, this gentleman is like a compact version of Brock Lesnar, it honestly could be his little brother, little being a relative term.
Another notable fighter competing at RITC is IFL veteran Joe West.  West spent time under Don Frye as a Tucson Scorpion.  West is no stranger to RITC either.  He has made a name for himself, and also carries the appreciation of the local crowd for his stint representing Tucson on the big stage of MMA.
Overall, RITC is known for bringing not only exciting fights but getting local fight fans in touch with notable MMA figures.  Last time out, I met Junie Browning walking to my car after the event.  George Roop was just cruising around the venue shooting the breeze.  Mike Whitehead was seen sharing his choice opinion with the athletic commission after a questionable stoppage.  These are well known fighters who were very accessible.
It was quite an evening of outstanding fights and amazing introductions with fighters, gym owners, promoters, and event coordinators.  RITC is a premier event in the southwest and this writer is looking forward to another amazing show.  Keep your eyes peeled for a post-event wrap up that surely will be detailed with exciting finishes and bits and pieces of how it went down.
One thing is certain,  you cant say a bad thing about the high profile venue and the service that the Desert Diamond has on display, Mr. Sarria has a tight grip on the local MMA community and his influence brings in some great fighters, if you combine the efforts of these two entities, you get an explosive, enjoyable, and entertaining MMA event. 
If you're in the area, check this show out, you will not be disappointed.  If you can't make the show, visit rageinthecage.com to view some video of previous events and this event shortly after it is completed.  
Supporting regional MMA is one of the issues that gets overlooked in the big picture.  The efforts of local fight fans drive the future of the sport by supporting MMA at the local level today.  Do your part, support this sport.