NHL: U.S.-Canada Communication Breakdown

Ken ArmerSenior Writer IJune 11, 2008

To understand this article, please see the link below of a hockey article written for the National Post, a Canadian publication.

National Post article

Now that you have read this idiocy, I recommend sending a letter to the editor, as I have done. Below is my reply to the Post.


"I am an amateur hockey writer in the United States and use Canadian publications with good reputations such as the National Post for information north of the border.  I was appalled to see this article.  It could not have been written by a real journalist, as this makes your legitimate paper look like idiots if it is.

There is a reference to next year's final being between the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Phoenix Coyotes.  I understand the point being made, but I feel the need to explain this is impossible!  They are in the same conference!

Moreover, the slams to Southern hockey in the United States are shameful!

For example, according to this article, the Dallas Stars franchise is in financial trouble.  There is no way—I lived for several years in Dallas, and the Stars have one of the best fan bases and season ticket sales in hockey, if not the United States. They are also one of the most profitable franchises in hockey.

Moving on to another grievance:

'Hockey does not play well in these hot-weather locations. Except for the California clubs and Tampa Bay—which count on plenty of ex-pat and vacationing Canadians to fill seats.'

This must be a joke, right?  So now all of Canada flocks to California to cheer on my Ducks?  No, I'm pretty sure that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.  The Anaheim Ducks sell out in part because of their Stanley Cup win, but even before that fans loved the new, redone Ducks.  I can't speak for the other teams, but I know Ducks hockey.

I would expect better from a legitimate news source such as yourself.  This is shameful journalism to post such lies. Possibly my American viewpoint will not matter to a Canadian newspaper, but I would appreciate an explanation as to this article, as I follow your hockey sections often."


Writer's Note: With the posting of this to BR, I'm not trying to ruffle Canadian feathers, despite being quite angry in my writing.  I have many Canadian friends, but when the nation that gave birth to hockey sputters this trash into news, in any way—whether it is an editorial or written by a sports writer—it's shameful.

I originally caught word of this article from Robert McGee's "Night Moves" article.  I do admit I was a little extreme, but for an American hockey fan in the southern U.S., this is a slap in the face.  Mostly I'm wondering how my Canadian compadres feel about this article and want to hear their responses.