OU Fans Are Spoiled, But That's Nothing New

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OU Fans Are Spoiled, But That's Nothing New
Doug Benc/Getty Images

Bob Stoops

Oklahoma Sooners Head Coach


Overall Record:   114-28

Conference Record:   70-15

Bowl Appearances:   10 (4-6)

BCS Bowl Appearances:   7 (2-5)

Conference Championships:   6

National Championships:   1


Let's face it...Oklahoma Sooner football fans are spoiled.  That's not a bad thing though.  When you have a football program as successful as OU's, we have every right to be spoiled.  OU is championship football, and the fans expect nothing less than that. 

And sometimes, when our expectations fall short of that, we become angry with our team, and expect changes.  Changes, which will result in championships again.

The 2009 Sooner football season has been disappointing, to say the least.  Currently sitting at 5-4 (3-2), a shot at the National Title, along with a Big 12 Title, are gone.  Sooner fans have been blasting the airwaves, message boards, and whatever else they can find, calling for "change". 

But seriously, is Bob Stoops really the one to blame here?  I remember when Barry Switzer was head coach.  When OU would fall to 9-2, or (for the love of God) 8-3, people began calling for his head.  "Switzer can't win the big ones", people would say.  Sound familiar?

If OU relieved Stoops of his coaching duties (which would be a REALLY dumb move), some lucky team would snatch him up in a heartbeat.  It was just a few years ago that we were the laughing-stock of college football, but Stoops turned the program around.  OU has been in more BCS Championship games than any other team.  Sure, Stoops is 1-3 in those games, but can you win them all?

OU has seen its crop of coaches, picked off almost every year.  Former coaches Mike Leech, Mark Mangino, and Chuck Long—all masters of the offense—left OU for head coaching duties at other schools. 

When Mike Stoops, who was considered a defensive genius, left for Arizona, truth be told, some of that Oklahoma fire went with him.  The makeup of the Oklahoma Sooners football team, whether it’s chemistry or whatever, hasn't really been the same since he left.

This season has been full of inexperienced players, costly mistakes/penalties, and injuries.  No team, not even Florida or Texas, would be where they are now, had they lost their returning Heisman Trophy-winning QB and all-around top receiver.  Throw in a new, inexperienced offensive line, and OU would have been doing good to have a record of 9-3, minus all the injuries. 

What coach Stoops has done, with what very few, inexperienced players he has had to work with this season, is nothing short of a miracle.  OU's four losses are by a COMBINED score of 12 points.  12 points separates people talking about OU's undefeated season, to OU's disappointing season.

Stoops will always be measured to King Switzer.  However, maybe it’s just me, but I find it funny that the man currently under fire from spoiled fans, is compared to a "king", who was, in his days, under fire from spoiled fans.

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