If You Want Coach Stoops Gone, You Need To Get a Clue!

Scott CollierContributor IJune 24, 2016

Doug Benc/Getty Images

I keep hearing the whispers around town, on the message boards, and even a few in print that it is time for Coach Stoops to go.  In this day and age of knee jerk reactions, instant gratification, and disloyalty it is not surprising, it is confusing though. 

Do you want Charlie Weiss fired?  If so, at least that is justifiable, Mike Sherman, ok, Bobby Bowden, without a doubt.  Bob Stoops, seriously?

We are talking about a coach who has taken OU to four national title games in nearly 11 years on the job, the next closest is two at this point.  This same coach has won 6 conference titles, while his arch nemesis at Texas, Mack Brown, has exactly one. 

Could Stoops do a better job in bowl games? Sure.  Is he too loyal at times to his assistant coaches? Some would say that.  Have his teams struggled on the road lately? That cant be argued. 

Despite all of this we can still look at these facts. He has an 81 percent winning percentage, has produced two Heisman Trophy winners, a slew of All Americans, and as recent as last year, took the Sooners to the National title game again. He was also a couple of missed blocks on the goal line from likely winning his second national title. Yes this was last year.

Despite all of this, he is 5-4 and some people want him gone. They are not considering that he has lost six offensive starters for the season—two of which are likely first round draft picks.

So where does that leave us? Well we have a completely restructured offensive line—one that is completely restructured as of this week due to injuries. We have a freshman QB who had never taken a snap until Sam Bradford went down to injury in the first game of this season. We have a team who has four losses to four ranked teams, all of them away from home by a total of 12 points. Ladies and gentleman, we are 12 points from being undefeated with a makeshift offensive line and a freshman quarterback.

I'm not asking you to be happy with the losses or the inconsistency of this season, but what I am asking you to do is to get a clue!