Carter's NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

David CarterCorrespondent INovember 12, 2009

FOXBORO, MA - NOVEMBER 08:  Quarterback Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots celebrates a touchdown run by Laurence Maroney in the first quarter against the Miami Dolphins on November 8, 2009 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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After watching the Broncos come back down to earth last Monday, I really thought it was best to pull them down a few spots. They still have a great team, but I’m still not sure if this team is capable of being a solid team for four months and then remain solid in the playoffs. Kyle Orton isn’t a bad QB, but he’s got to step it up a little bit more for this team to be a true contender for the Super Bowl, which I don’t; think they are. Until they convince me otherwise, I’m still going to keep them pretty low. Here’s my NFL Power Rankings entering week ten.

1. New Orleans Saints (8-0, Last Week: 1)
The Saints have outscored opponents by a combined 119 points (best in the NFL.) Their run defense will get a decent test against Steven Jackson this week. However I expect the Saints to win this one by a mile.

2. New England Patriots (6-2, Last Week: 3)

The Patriots return to the top of the AFC East where they belong. Tom Brady still remains a top three QB in the league (no surprise there.)

3. Indianapolis Colts (8-0, Last Week: 2)
Sure the Colts are undefeated right now, but their first loss could be coming their way this weekend.

4. Minnesota Vikings (7-1, Last Week: 4)
A well deserved bye week has come and gone. They shouldn’t lose any momentum this weekend against the Lions.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (5-3, Last Week: 5)
Despite the loss to the Cowboys, I still think they have a little more chemistry and talent than Dallas, but by the slimmest of margins.

6. Dallas Cowboys (6-2, Last Week: 7)
As long as the Cowboys keep winning, they will keep rising. I still think the Eagles have a little more talent than the Cowboys, but my opinion of that changes every week. Oh, I’m a Cowboys fan, by the way…

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2, Last Week: 11)

The one thing on the Steelers mind this weekend: Revenge.

8. Baltimore Ravens (4-4, Last Week: 6)
I drop the Ravens down two spots because of one reason: I realize that the not longer have an elite NFL defense, but are still a good team overall.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (6-2, Last Week: 12)
The winner of this weekend’s Bengals/Steelers game will be the favorite to win the AFC North.

10. New York Jets (4-4, Last Week: 10)
The week off was needed. Now it’s time for this elite defense to start playing like it once again.

11. Green Bay Packers (4-4, Last Week: 8)

I would have the Packers in the top ten, but I don’t for one reason: They lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

12. Atlanta Falcons (5-3, Last Week: 16)

A win over the Redskins was one of those “confidence boosting” wins for the Falcons. I still believe they have all the talent in the world to make the playoffs once again.

13. Arizona Cardinals (5-3, Last Week: 17)

The Cardinals could be staring at a future 10-6 record. They should be nicknamed the “Road Warriors.” They are currently 4-0 on the road, in case you didn’t know.

14. New York Giants (5-4, Last Week:  14)

Boy, does this team need a bye week. If they don’t take full advantage of their week off, their remaining part of the season could also go bye-bye.

15. San Diego Chargers (5-3, Last Week: 15)
With the win over the Giants, and the Broncos falling back down to earth, the Chargers are now my new favorite to win the AFC West.

16. Houston Texans (5-4, Last Week: 13)
This team could be a field goal away from a possible 6-3 record. This team still has the talent to make the playoffs for the first time in their short history.

17. Denver Broncos (6-2, Last Week: 9)
Could offensive mistakes against the Steelers be a sign of things to come? I hate to say it, but it’s possible.

18. Seattle Seahawks (3-5, Last Week: 21)

In my opinion, a loss this weekend to the Cardinals will most likely mean that the Seahawks will not make the playoffs.

19. San Francisco 49ers (3-5, Last Week: 19)

During early October, I thought the 49ers could have a great chance to make the playoffs. Now, with the 49ers on a four-game losing streak, I’m not so sure.

20. Chicago Bears (4-4, Last Week: 18)
One simple guarantee: the Chicago Bears will not make the playoffs this season. Bank on it.

21. Miami Dolphins (3-5, Last Week: 20)
If you think that the “wildcat” plays will help the Dolphins make the playoffs, you’re wrong.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-4, Last Week: 24)
Even though I have them pretty low here, I honestly didn’t think the Jags would be 4-4 halfway into the season.

23. Washington Redskins (2-6, Last Week: 22)

The Redskins should probably throw in the towel and look toward 2010. Seriously, they should.

24. Buffalo Bills (3-5, Last Week: 25)

If the Bills want to see any sort playoff chances, this offense has GOT to get better.

25. Carolina Panthers (3-5, Last Week: 23)
As long as Jake Delhomme protects the ball, the Panthers can be a decent team.

26. Kansas City Chiefs (1-7, Last Week: 26)
The Chiefs helped cure the Jaguars' pass-rush problems in their loss at Jacksonville.

27. Tennessee Titans (2-6, Last Week: 28)

It’s official: the Titans are a MUCH better team with Vince Young at QB. The Titans are 0-6 with Collins starting and 2-0 with VY starting. I’m just saying…

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-7, Last Week: 29)

For the first time this season, I will give the Buccaneers huge credit for beating a much more talented Packers team.

29. Detroit Lions (1-7, Last Week: 27)
The Lions are 1-24 in their last 25 games. *Insert sound of car crash here*

30. Oakland Raiders (2-6, Last Week: 30)

Now let’s see what sort of cures the Raiders drew up during their bye week.

31. Cleveland Browns (Last Week: 31)
Who cares about who the Browns starting QB is going to be next Monday night, they’re going to lose, regardless.

32. St. Louis Rams (Last Week: 32)

The Rams have been outscored by a combined 144 points this season so far (worst in the NFL.)


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