Milwaukee Bucks: An Inside Look

Steve BlessingerContributor IJune 11, 2008

As the NBA Finals wrap up the season, basketball fans are looking towards the fast-approaching draft.

Who are the Bucks going to pick at No. 8 this year?  Let's dive into the Milwaukee Bucks and examine what aspect of the game they "need."

The major need happens to be not just a position—it's a concept that has troubled this franchise for years.


Lately we have had very little of it.  That fact alone has gotten Larry Harris fired, two head coaches dismissed, Senator Herb Kohl considering selling the team to China a few years back...

This team needs to correct itself and do it in a hurry.

As the NBA draft nears, the Bucks look in the mirror and see a whole different outlook.

It started with the firing of GM Larry Harris, and coach Larry Krystowiak, and the subsequent hiring of GM John Hammond and head coach Scott Skiles.

It appears to me that owner Herb Kohl has allowed John Hammond to run the Bucks without interfering.  Since his hiring he has brought some people in to form a strong front office.

There were many head coaching candidates to pick from, and the choice of Scott Skiles made it clear that defense was the No. 1 priority on the GM's list.

The upgraded front office brings me back to what I started with—the players.

The Milwaukee Bucks of 2008-09 will look a lot different on the court than last year's team.  Trading the No. 8 pick is not out of the question.

We don't know they will draft, but if the player they select plays tough defense, this team is ready.