Is Eight Enough For Quinn And Mangini?

gary wertmanCorrespondent INovember 11, 2009

CLEVELAND - OCTOBER 04:  Brady Quinn #10 of the Cleveland Browns looks on against the Cincinnati Bengals during their game at Cleveland Browns Stadium on October 4, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Bengals defeated the Browns 23-20 in overtime.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The second half of the 2009 season is set to begin for the Cleveland Browns next Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens.  A lot is riding on these last eight games and I’m not talking playoffs.

Eric Mangini has done things exactly his way since being hired as head coach of the Cleveland Browns last January. This year’s Browns team has his finger prints all over it. The nine ex New York Jets plus the hiring and firing of former general manager George Kokinis confirm this is Mangini’s team. But for how long?

Browns owner Randy Lerner is very upset with what has become of his team and vows to hire someone to head football operations. While the team seems to be spiraling down hill, Lerner says Mangini’s job is safe for now, the key word being “now.” Once Lerner hires his new GM/Team President or whatever his title will be, will the new guy want Mangini?

My analysis is, Mangini has eight games to make his case for remaining the Browns head coach.  Another 1-7 record and he’s gone.  If the Browns can go 4-4 or better,  Mangini might avoid the ax.

After just two and a half games this year, Mangini decided to bench Brady Quinn. How ironic. Now he will need Quinn to help him save his job. A lot will be riding on how Quinn plays the last eight games. His future as a Cleveland Brown among them. If he does well and leads the Browns to, lets say four or more wins, he just might save a few jobs along the way. Mangini can’t go back to Derek Anderson, that ship has sunk. He needs for Quinn to be successful, even if it means firing offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.  Daboll’s offense and playcalling have no legs to stand on and jobs are at stake here. Quinn has to succeed or he will be with another team next year and Mangini, along with Daboll will be unemployed.


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