Bleacher Creature College Football Poll: Let the Lobbying Begin

Kristofer GreenSenior Writer INovember 11, 2009

It has become apparently clear, barring a minor miracle, that the winner of the SEC championship game featuring Florida and Alabama will meet the Big XII champion Texas Longhorns in Pasadena for the BCS National Championship Game.

In the Bleacher Creature Poll, each of those three teams have held the top spot and each has been the third choice. This week, 'Bama gets the nod, but the Gators and Longhorns are tied just three points behind.

Should one or more of those teams unexpectedly falter, there would be a mad scramble of unusual suspects clamoring for position.

The No. 4 Horned Frogs of TCU and No. 5 Bearcats of Cincinnati are proving their worth to the larger, more connected schools that share their states. No. 6 Boise State, no stranger to late season maneuvering, is once again in position to get to the BCS and No. 7 Georgia Tech has been turning heads and climbing the rankings all season.

The Big Ten will decide its champion this weekend when the suddenly-reeling No. 11 Iowa Hawkeyes meet the suddenly-surging No. 10 Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus. The conference has been chided in recent years for the lack of a true conference championship game, so seeing a game in the Big Ten that is actually for all the marbles is refreshing.

Meanwhile, the Rose Bowl opponent for the Iowa-Ohio State winner is still very much in question. No. 13 Oregon and No. 18 Arizona sit atop the standings, but the Wildcats have a chance to make a very strong statement down the stretch with games against Cal, Oregon, Arizona State and No. 14 USC (who currently sit in second).

The Big East will play with championship hopes on the line on Friday when No. 25 West Virginia takes on the Bearcats in Cincy. If Brian Kelly's squad hopes to keep it's National title hopes alive they'll need a big win over the Mountaineers.

Another week of great college football drama awaits...

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The conference breakdown for Week 10 is as follows: ACC (4), Big East (4), Big Ten (4), Pac-10 (4), Mountain West (3), SEC (3), Big XII (2), Conference USA (1), WAC (1).

1. Alabama (8) 551

T2. Florida (7) 548

T2. Texas (6) 548

4. TCU (2) 499

5. Cincinnati 485

6. Boise State 445

7. Georgia Tech 432

8. Pittsburgh 381

9. LSU 351

10. Ohio State 323

11. Iowa 306

12. Houston 299

13. Oregon 295

14.  USC 294

15. Utah 290

16. Miami 262

17. Oklahoma State 196

18. Arizona 184

19. Penn State 172

20. Wisconsin 128

21. Virginia Tech 98

22.  BYU 96

23. South Florida 56

24.  Clemson 52

25. West Virginia 40

Others Receiving Votes: Oregon State 35, Stanford 23, Auburn 15, Navy 15, Nebraska 14, Ole Miss 9, North Carolina 8, Cal 3, Duke 2, Tennessee 2, Kansas State 1


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