For Mike Stoops and the Arizona Wildcats, Reality Can't Come Soon Enough

Ed MedinaCorrespondent INovember 11, 2009

TUSCON - OCTOBER 4:  Head coach Mike Stoops of the Arizona Wildcats looks on during the game against the Washington Huskies on October 4, 2008 at Arizona Stadium in Tucson, Arizona. (Photo by: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Last Sunday I did an article breaking down the top 10 teams and showing why pretty much all of them have flaws and no one really deserves the No. 1 ranking.

Consider this article an extension to that, as I'm about to let you know why Arizona doesn't deserve their "lucrative" position at No. 18 in the latest BCS standings.

You see, Arizona is about to be torn a new one in their next four games: at California, No. 14 Oregon, at No. 11 USC, and at Arizona State. They will likely go 1-3 in those next four games.

Why? Because the 'Cats have no defense.

This "juggernaut" UA team has allowed 27 or more points in half of their games this year and 30 or more in three of their eight. Keep in mind that they played such powerhouse offenses as NAU, WSU, Central Michigan, and UCLA in the games that they didn't.

So essentially, every time the Wildcats play someone halfway decent on offense, they get a hole burned in them. I wonder what Danny Sullivan would do to them...

Wildcat fans should thank god Nick Foles is there to bail out their porous defense that boasts seven seniors and two underclassmen. Look out for that D next year! (To allow 60 points a game, that is.)

This weekend Arizona will face California, in Berkeley, who boast one of the top running games in the country (even without Jahvid Best, they still have Shane Vereen, who is averaging a yard less than Best per carry).

Also, Kevin Riley gets better at passing when California opens up a lead, so all the Golden Bears have to do is take a small lead and watch it grow vs. the vaunted Arizona Wildcat defense.

If Arizona manages to pull out that game due to Cal's awful pass defense, then things will most certainly come to pass when they have the No. 14 Oregon Ducks come to town, and I don't have to tell you about that Oregon offense.

Look for the Ducks to avenge the 2007 loss in Tucson and put up 40 or even 50 points on the 'Cats in what will become a shootout due to the Duck defense not knowing how to stop the run (as seen vs. Stanford); but rest assured, Oregon will win that game and with it probably clinch the Pacific Ten.

To sum things up, and prevent this article from dragging on, I will just say that the 'Cats will be cut to ribbons by USC, regardless of who is injured for the Trojans that day (as long as they have Matt Barkley), and they potentially have a loss waiting for them when they go to Tempe to take on the Arizona State Sun Devils and their phenomenal defense (as long as Brock Osweiler starts).

Reality is a tough thing to swallow, but believe me, all of Tucson will be force-fed a steaming bowl of it in the next four weeks here.