Survivor Series: Back to Basics

Joel AbrahamContributor IIINovember 11, 2009

At last, a PPV midcard I'm looking forward to!

Two classic elimination tag matches have been announced for Survivor Series: Team Kofi (Kofi, MVP, Henry, R-Truth, Christian) vs. Team Orton (Orton, DiBiase, Rhodes, CM Punk, Regal); Team Morrison (Morrison, Shelton, Matt Hardy, Finlay, Bourne) v Team Miz (Miz, Swagger, Ziggler, McIntyre, Sheamus).

I can't wait for these matches. What a great way to use the vast array of midcard talent in the roster! Look at the lineups—there's no dead wood, just 20 talented guys who have the potential to put on two classic matches.

The elimination tag matches have been something of an afterthought in recent years, but I see them as a great opportunity to give the midcard and the talented younger stars a chance to show what they can do on the big stage.

Survivor Series is also the start of the road to Wrestlemania, so these matches are a chance to sow the seeds for some choice feuds leading up to the big one.

Their success largely depends on the amount of time their matches are allowed. Both need the best part of 20 minutes to be able to shine, so here's hoping the card stays at six matches and these guys are given an opportunity to stake their claims for the future.

I also hope WWE resist the temptation to have instant eliminations and give the matches a chance to develop realistically instead of dumping half the participants in the first five minutes (If Regal gets pinned after 11 seconds again, I riot).

Team Kofi vs. Team Orton: The Nation II v The Black Trunk Brigade (It must've taken every ounce of resolve for creative not to switch Shelton with Christian). This looks like the start of a big push for Kingston. Team captains usually last till the end of the match, so it'll be great to see what Kofi and Orton can produce.

I expect to see this end with Kofi on his own against Legacy. I have a sneaking suspicion Punk may be an early casualty considering the way his career seems to have nosedived, and don't be surprised to see some kind of Orton/DiBiase conflict. This is a great chance to lay down foundations for big feuds, so the outcome should give us some pointers towards WrestleMania.

Team Morrison vs. Team Miz: A fascinating clash of old school v new. Miz's team is stacked full of young talent in the middle of a push, with McIntyre and Sheamus apparently having the McMahon/Helmsley seal of approval.

Morrison's team, on the other hand, is full of underused talent that have become glorified jobbers as of late. Part of me expects a clean sweep from Miz's band of cocky heels. But there is alot to bear in mind when previewing this match.

Miz went over Morrison at Breaking Point; Bourne got the win over Swagger on Raw; Shelton has a score to settle with Sheamus, who is destroying everything in his path; McIntyre beat down Finlay on SD; Ziggler is due for a two out of three falls bout with Morrison next week.

All of which makes this one impossible to call. It does, however, highlight the rich possibilities available in these types of matches. Feuds can be started, developed or finished, as well as giving the midcard some well-earned PPV time.

It's the beginning of the road to WrestleMania; let's hope Survivor Series points it in the right direction.