Falcons-Panthers Preview

NC Nighthawk@NC Nighthawk (my Xbox gamertag)Analyst INovember 11, 2009

I see this game exemplifying the coaching differences between the two squads, particularly the two offensive coaching staffs.  I expect the Falcons to do the right things and the Panthers to play well for a while, but in the end, screw things up.

An Atlanta win means that the Falcons are closer to the Saints, in terms of ability.  A Carolina win means that Atlanta is more at the Panthers’ inconsistent level of performance.

Atlanta’s coaching staff doesn't believe they are something they are not. Mysteriously, Carolina loves to become a passing team when the game is on the line.  This has led to failed results.

Atlanta runs the ball well and will do so against Carolina. The Falcons also pass the ball better than the Panthers and make fewer mistakes.

Neither team plays at a consistently high level defensively. Atlanta’s special teams, particularly the return teams, are generally more talented and better coached. The Panthers losing LB Thomas Davis, the team’s leading tackler, will prove to be significant against the well-balanced offensive arsenal of the Falcons.

Until they get a playmaking quarterback and address their lack of depth, Carolina is a franchise going in the wrong direction. The Panthers will have some streaks of brilliant performances, but they typically abandon the running game when the contest is on the line.

“It is what it is,” coach John Fox typically loves to say when he gets defensive after a loss.  Carolina is an average team struggling to be good.

Despite their struggles on the road, with the notable exception of their dominance over the San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta is clearly a franchise going in the right direction.  The Falcons are a good team trying to become an elite NFL squad.

After a horrible start to the season, the 3-5 Panthers seem to have regained a better level of performance in recent weeks, and while they have shown flashes of greatness, they have yet to play a complete game.

The 5-3 Falcons have won games they should have against weaker opponents, and lost games to superior teams like New England, Dallas, and New Orleans.

The Silver Fox Forecast

Atlanta 24, Carolina 20, in a game that will be somewhat more defensive than expected.

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