Ohio State To Embarass Big 10 Yet Again

Wes FreasContributor IMarch 1, 2017

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The lack of success by Big 10 teams in BCS bowl games is well chronicled. The conference ranks 5th out of the 6 BCS conferences with a record of 8-11 for a paltry .421 winning percentage. They're 0-6 in their past six Rose Bowl appearances alone. Only the ACC ranks lower at 2-9 (.182).

For it's part in this parody, Ohio State has been the most consistently overmatched conference champion, having been undressed in their last three BCS games by Florida, LSU and Texas by a combined score of 103-61, two of those in the BCS title game.

So here we sit, again, with the Bucks holding destiny in their hands this weekend at home against a wounded, and similarly overrated, Iowa squad. With a win this Saturday and again in two weeks v Michigan, we will again be subjected to another Buckeye Beatdown in a BCS game, the Rose Bowl, where they'll more than likely face embarassment at the hands of Oregon or in a rematch with USC.

Is there any doubt of the outcome? I'll take the Pac 10 champ blind right now.

Until the conference starts to actually win some games in January, top-flight recruits will continue to stay in warm weather states in the SEC, Big 12 and Pac 10. Ohio State has just 9 players on their current roster from Florida, Texas and California, states that are widely considered to have the best high school football talent. Heck, even Big East leader Cincinnati has 8 on their current roster and commits from 4 more from Florida in 2010. Conversely, Ohio State has over 60 current players on their roster from the state of Ohio alone.

I'm all for winning your state, but for the Big 10 and Ohio State to be taken as seriously as they take themselves (i.e. VERY seriously), they need to expand their recruiting base outside of their own backyard and improve talent levels across the board. If not, just wake me up when the Rose Bowl is over...there's not much there to keep me interested.