NFL Picks Week 10: The Chosen

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NFL Picks Week 10: The Chosen
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Week Nine 7-6 Season prediction tally: 86-43

They call it the N ot F or L ong (NFL ) league, but maybe it should be the C ount O n N othing (CON ) league. Man, did I underestimate Josh Freeman's ability to affect the Buccaneers chances of success in his very first NFL start.

I had my second-worst week this year prognosticating, but I'm still hanging tough with a 67 percent success rate to date. In all fairness, I should follow that pat on the back with the acknowledgement that I missed both my Lock and my Upset Special in Week Nine. And so it goes.


Chicago at San Francisco —Short week for these evenly matched teams. The Bears look out of sorts, and the 49ers have lost four in a row.

Pick: 49ers


Cincinnati at Pittsburgh —Matchup of the week? Two 6-2 teams. Wow, did I just write that? Man, what a great year for the Bengals so far. Pittsburgh seeks redemption for their earlier season loss in Cincy.

Pick: Steelers

Atlanta at Carolina —Carolina handled the Saints' rushing attack pretty well, and Matty Ice is suddenly struggling to find his rhythm.

Pick: Panthers

Tampa Bay at Miami —Man, I hope Freeman doesn't burn me again because I know he is capable. Is it just me or did Josh look a little bit like Doug Williams last week? The 'Fins meanwhile are probably the best 3-5 team in the game.

Pick: Dolphins

New Orleans at St. Louis —Would love to see the Rams beat the Saints, and they might. Looking at their stats though, near the bottom of the league in almost every major category, it is hard to imagine them winning.

Pick: Rams

Jacksonville at N.Y. Jets —The Jaguars' last five games have gone as follows: W-L-W-L-W. It would seem appropriate and proper form for the Jets to come out fresh off of a week of rest and serve the Jags' their due L.

Pick: Jets

Buffalo at Tennessee —Now, THIS is a Jeff Fisher team. This might be one of those 0-6 to start, 10-0 to finish kind of teams.

Pick: Titans

Denver at Washington —I'm picking the Broncos to bounce back and beat the Redskins just because it feels good.

DeAngelo Hall is an upper echelon clown, always has been and always will be. What a colossal waste of talent. I could have gone to the Pro Bowl 27 times with his gifts.

Pick: Broncos

Detroit at Minnesota —Will Favre start playing like a 50-year old noodle arm, or will he continue to slay all in his path? Right now it is looking like the Vikings really are Super Bowl contenders.

As much as I did not like Favre's handling of his business in the offseason, I remember many Viking teams that fell unfairly shy of the Super Bowl Championship, and how cool would it be to see Favre end his career (again) wearing purple?

It would be weird, but might make him a bigger legend than Joe Montana.

Pick: Vikings

Kansas City at Oakland —Tom Cable saga, please end. For that matter, can't someone offer Al Davis half a planet for the Raiders so we can get on with this thing?

KC is actually quietly getting better. They have been in several games to the end, most notably the Cowboys game. Plus, they just shed another meteoric waste of talent, Larry Johnson. They probably feel a little more bounce in their step.

Pick: Chiefs

Dallas at Green Bay —After last week's game vs. the creamsicle Buccaneers (whose uniforms I love by-the-way—please heckle as you see fit—I am not sure what to make of the Packers anymore.

Pick: Cowboys

Philadelphia at San Diego —What a great game this is going to be between two 3-5 teams. I love watching the Chargers' offense when they are moving the chains, but Philly is still the better team overall at this point.

Pick: Eagles

Seattle at Arizona —Arizona has to eventually string two dominant performances together...don't they? Please tell me they do.

Pick: Cardinals

New England at Indianapolis —I have to believe that this is the game in which the Colts' depleted secondary gets exposed.

Pick: Patriots


Baltimore at Cleveland —If Cleveland wasto come out wearing those vintage Broncos uniforms, I think they would win. But they won't.

Why does everyone hate those uniforms anyway? I, of course, think they are awesome. Those socks! By the way, the Browns are awful.

Pick: Ravens

Byes: N.Y. Giants, Houston

  • Will the real Giants please rise? This team is stacked with talent. I wonder if Ahmad Bradshaw's foot is getting worse? I hope not, he is one of my favorites.
  • I am not buying that Eli's ailing foot is forcing him into bad form; I think he is just suffering from bad mechanics right now. After their 5-0 start, they have lost four straight. Can't think of a better time for a bye.
  • Houston is a solid team. I think Steve Slaton will rebound and take over the starting RB gig in short order. I love the way Jacoby Jones is playing. I have been waiting for three years for him to break out.

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