No Pain, No Gain: Should Real Madrid Panic or Learn?

Rami JContributor INovember 11, 2009

MADRID, SPAIN - NOVEMBER 10:  Real Madrid fan 'Tonin el Torero' reacts as he watches his team play during the Copa del Rey fourth round, second leg match between Real Madrid and AD Alcorcon at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on November 10, 2009 in Madrid, Spain. Real Madrid won the match 1-0 but got eliminated from the Copa del Rey by the third Division Spanish League team losing 4-1 on aggregate.  (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)
Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

'It wouldn’t be a failure if we didn’t win a trophy. We are in the middle of building a new project. We’ll give it stability.' —Perez

The stadium was packed, the fans were energized, the media was waiting for a big show, and the whole world was waiting for a (Remontada), and flashes of the magnificent game against Zaragoza back in 2006 on the horizon.

Instead, we got a lazy team, uninspired highly paid players, and an unimaginative coach who keeps committing the same mistakes over and over. I am not saying it's totally Pellegrini's fault, the humiliation Madrid suffered last night, but it's between him and his Mercenaries—so called players.

I watched the game—I have the luxury of watching all the games since I have a subscription to watch all the European leagues, but it's more of a curse now thanks to my fav. team—and saw the fans in the stadium so frustrated, they shouted their hearts out, they came in thousands to answer the call by their players, managements, and media.

They did everything and even more, but what they got is disappointment. I really felt sorry for them, they actually deserve a lot more, regardless what other people say about the Madridestas around the world. We actually appreciate good football, many times we gave a standing ovation to whoever deserves it—ask Maradona, Ronaldino, Milan, Messi, Barca last year, and last night's Alcorcon. They came, they played, they conquered...well done.

So what now? Shall we start panicking? Or shall we learn?

I started with Perez what said earlier to this match in an interview, that Pellegrini is safe, well, at least to the end of this season. I don't know how true this statement is, but could it be he is actually giving a fair chance to him?? Will it be the case if we lost in El Clasico two weeks from now? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

So how is it Pellegrini is in fault here? Well, I am not gonna blame him totally for what happened, like I mentioned before, it's between him and the players, and honestly, we lost the match at Alcorcon, not last night, and I am not saying he is a bad coach, because simply he is a good coach. But what I am questioning is his authority and control of the team!

The way he chooses his team is some times crazy and surprising, like what happened last night, and the more puzzling matter is his substitutions—they are even crazier, and he always seems to lose control of the game in the second half.

Let me say that, during the last three matches before the Alcorcon game, I actually believed we were getting better and playing more as a team. But why the frustrating and humiliating display last night?

Back to Pelligrini's tactics and selection, it was clear that Alcorcon will never come out and attack last night, so why play with two defensive midfielders? Why leaving Marcelo out and playing with three attackers without keeping one of them on the line, just in case you need to push more?

And why leaving VDV out of it? He was the only player who actually runs all over the pitch, and he tried to shoot many times. It's something the whole team forgot that they can do, well at least until CR9 is back, cuz besides these two, no one takes a shot what so over.

And why the hell Kaka rarely plays a pass to Higuain? Is it because he is more effective than him? And please, all you Kaka defenders out there, even though he still needs time to get his playing back on track, everyone can see he is not passing to Higuain, I am really starting to think something fishy going there! Hope I am wrong.

Then taking out Diarra, and leaving Gago (some call him lady Gaga for a reason), then taking the magnificent Lass out, and then when things are lost, introducing Marcelo.

The team had a lot to prove last night. What is a better option than to play the reserves who lost the other night to show the world they can play.

Granero, why is he not playing? If Guti is punished, even though everybody denied it (yes, they think the world is stupid) then Granero is what? He hasn't played for four games so far without any obvious reason.

Beside all the selections mistakes he made, and the poor reading of the game, still, the players played as if there is no urgency of scoring. Yes, we hit the bar three times, so what? We didn't play a single tactical attack the whole match.

Some of those players doesn't deserve to be in the team (Guti, Gago, Drenthe) and some are just being shut out for no reason (Granero, VDV). If Pellegrini wants to impose his authority on the team, I am all with him, but it still shows that some players are played when everyone can see they are not playing third division football.

The biggest question mark on Pellegrini is: Why doesn't he have the courage to bring a couple of the Castilla players with him, even just to scare some of those arrogant players that think their places isn't in danger? Maybe they will start playing better.

I hope this match won't have a bad effect on the team, and I won't say, like many will say, oh it's just a cup match, cuz it's not; if we played really great and fell off short, then yes, it's what they claim, but losing the way we did is something to look into it very carefully.

Let's hope they learn, because Real Madrid is bigger than all those claim to be players, who up until now don't deserve to wear this great white shirt.

And Hala Madrid!


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