Georgia Bulldogs: A Few Thoughts on Some New Rumors

Kimberley Nash@sambrooklynSenior Writer INovember 10, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 31:  Rennie Curran #35 of the Georgia Bulldogs against the Florida Gators at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on October 31, 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As the Georgia football season starts it's slow descent towards the end, there is a lot of speculation as to what 2010 will hold for this 2009 team that has seen it's share of ups and downs.

Some of the questions won't find answers until bowl season is in the books while others will find some resolution prior to the end of the season.

Either way, coach Mark Richt is sure to find that this offseason will not be nearly as pleasant as in year's past—too many big decisions need to be made and some of his staff is not likely to make it to spring drills next season.

I don't much like contributing to rumors but there are plenty of them to be had even if you aren't paying close attention.

1. Willie Martinez is Heading to Memphis in 2010

Apparently, former Georgia quarterback Buck Belue was heard to have said that coach Willie Martinez may be in line for the now-vacant Memphis Tigers job.

If you are a Georgia fan, this is likely to be music to your ears, but keep in mind that this is just a rumor and Willie Martinez is one of many names being tossed around for that job.

That said, it is looking more and more likely that Martinez won't be patrolling the sidelines at Georgia next season as the heat on him hasn't cooled all that much following the 38-0 shutout of Tennessee Tech last weekend.

Many still feel he is hardly qualified to do the job and want some fresh blood to light the fire under our talent next season.

2. Rennie Curran is Bolting For the NFL

There is a very good chance that Rennie will be leaving Georgia after this season. A look at some of the 2010 draft prospectus' show that Rennie could go as early as the second round if he chooses to forgo his last season of eligibility.

As it stands, he is the heart and soul of an otherwise beleaguered defense and would likely be willing to try his hand at the next level if he sees an opportunity to get picked up early.

As a Georgia fan, you would hate to lose his tenacity and toughness on the field but would be hard-pressed to fault him if he did decide to make the jump.

His biggest downside is his height. At 5'10", he's hardly the ideal size you wish to see at linebacker but his speed and ability to get to the ball can more than make up for that deficiency in a scout's eyes—especially if Rennie manages to skim another tenth of a second off that 40 time.

Curran will likely evaluate his options more closely once the season is done but the possibility of his departure looms with a big degree of uncertainty.

3. Dick Bumpas Will be the Next Defensive Coordinator at Georgia

This rumor gains more ground every day. Dick Bumpas is currently the defensive guru behind the TCU program that currently rests comfortable in the BCS' top 10.

Bumpas is well-respected and has done more with less than any other defensive coordinator out there over the last eight seasons.

Many feel that he could do wonders in the SEC having more money and an even deeper well of talent to pull from in the fertile grounds of the south.

That said, the knock on him would be how well his methods translate to a much more challenging SEC schedule. TCU isn't playing Florida, South Carolina, or Tennessee on a yearly basis and it is unknown if Bumpas' success is due to coaching prowess or schedule softness.

Most signs would point to the former, but Georgia needs to be certain if they are seriously entertaining this coach as their next coordinator.