It's All On You, Kid: Utah's Frosh QB Is Key Against TCU

A shell of my former selfCorrespondent INovember 10, 2009

Make no mistake, sometimes it's best to see things with a sort of blurry haze. 

It helps ease the anticipation and veracity of certain happenings. 

I mean, think about it: what husband-to-be didn't want to take a few shots of tequila and a few more shots to his brain to make sure he knew what he was getting into?

Keep one eye open and keep the other kind of fixated on that blaring exit sign. 

Other times, it's best to just not have any expectations of any sort. Like taking the walk-of-shame to your car the next day knowing you forgot to study for that philosophy midterm that was in a couple hours. 

As Utah finds itself smack-dab in the middle of BCS blabbering once again in 2009, they are now riding in the backseat. They aren't driving the Porsche 911. 

They are—even at 8-1 and ranked No. 16—the ugly stepsister of the non-BCS conference elite. 

A year ago, there was a city blacked-out and the stadium up on the hill rocked like it was 2004 at the hands of the TCU Horned Frogs. 

This weekend, the Utes head to Fort Worth, Texas as a steady underdog with a seemingly undistinguished season this year. 

Stuck in the traffic of all this is a kid enjoying his freshman year of college. 

Jordan Wynn is a 19-year old quarterback from Oceanside, Calif.

The few times I talked to Wynn during spring ball, he was reserved, yet adamant about playing quarterback at Utah.

As most penciled in Terrance Cain as the starter because of his athletic ability and familiarity of the offense, Wynn was the kid bombing footballs down the field akin to the Alex Smith days.

Wynn is 2-0 as a quarterback having beaten Wyoming and New Mexico in consecutive weeks. 

He was the back-up to Cain for the first seven weeks, and being able to soak it all in seems to have paid off. 

He was there when the Utes put their act together a little too late against the Oregon Ducks. He knows what a loud stadium sounds like. 

After all, Autzen Stadium is louder than a jet. Seriously, it is. 

When Wynn walks out of the tunnel Amon G. Carter Stadium, things will be a little perplexing. This time, rather than the seven weeks before, or even the last two games he instrumented wins, the opposition will be looking for blood.

TCU is good. The Horned Frogs are really, really good. 

Jordan Wynn is still that 19-year old from the greater San Diego, Calif., area that will do exactly what he said after passing for 297 yards and two touchdowns. 

He's gonna study up on those Frogs. He'll be ready. He isn't scared.

Now, therein lies the beauty of what many call inexperience. 

Who cares? 

Isn't it about what happens on Saturday and not what he might've done against Wyoming or why he de-committed from Colorado? 

Wynn hasn't seen the likes of TCU defensive end Jerry Hughes, who will be pinning his ears back and unleashing 4.5 seconds of hell unto anything and everything.

Ditto for that entire Horned Frog defense. 

So, now that the boy wonder or karate kid or whatever you want to call him is the starter at Utah, is it time for him to show everyone what kind of ammo he's got in that cannon he calls a right arm?

Or how about his ability to make the blitz reads and check-downs with a defense as nasty and mean as a rabid pitbull?

We'll see—that's for certain, but what separates Utah from many other programs is its ability to game-plan for big games.

How they game-plan for a freshman quarterback against arguably the best defense in the country is one question to ponder.

How the kid responds and performs is another. 

If Utah is to pull off the upset of No. 4 TCU, it'll be by the arm and smarts and quarterly-maturity of its quarterback. 

If Utah wins, it'll be because Wynn put in arguably the greatest performance in the history of Utah football.

Running the football gets teams only so far against the Frogs and Wynn will be called the No. 1 with a bullet.  

I want to say the kid will be alright. I want to say that he'll be able to propose a game-plan and execute it so well that even Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso will be asking for autographs post-game. 

But that's not how it works. 

Wynn's got to show why the Utes wanted him. 

He's got to show what he's got and realize that his margin for error is not near to none—it reads zero. 

Sometimes it's best to not know what you're getting yourself into. As soon as young Jordan Wynn paces a few steps backward in Fort Worth looks at those 11 guys decked out in black foaming at the bit, he'll know. 

But it's all about living in the moment, and Wynn will realize that once he sees everything turn into a video game right before his very eyes. 

The great Oscar Wilde once made a statement regarding inexperience. 

"In America, the young are always ready to give to those older than themselves the full benefit of inexperience."

Terry Josephson made a statement that should be pinned to Wynn's chest until Saturday at 5:30 p.m.

"Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibilities."

That is easier said, than done. 



Photo by: Ty Cobb


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