RotoHog Fantasy Baseball: June 10 Update

Chris HesterSenior Analyst IJune 10, 2008

I am really starting to get into the RotoHog fantasy baseball game and I figure I might as well start a play by play of how things are going.  If you do not know about RotoHog or how they work, I recommend you checking out the website, you'll quickly become addicted!

So, because things started to get humorous early this week I will give you a quick synopsis of what's happened so far this week.

Sunday my team looked like this:

C: Empty (There are no catchers I really like right now so I have been choosing to leave this spot blank for now.  That being said, I purchased Ryan Doumit off of the trading floor the day he came off the DL.  I am waiting for him to show he's knocked the rust off before I place him in the lineup)

1B: Ryan Garko (CLE): He's been hot lately and he's trading for under $10.  I thought I would pick him up and give him a chance.  Of course, the game I decide to start him he promptly goes 1-3 for a wonderful 3.30 points. I decided to make some serious roster changes before Monday so I quickly sold him in the morning and bought purchased a new 1B.  Of course, Monday Garko continues his hot hitting and smacks a 3 Run HR.  I probably didn't need those points, right?

2B: Brandon Phillips (CIN): BP has been slumping lately but as a Reds fan I know he tends to shine against LH Pitching.  Unfortunately I was able to "Black Cloud" him into an 0-4 day.  Again, making a big change to my roster I decided to sell him and use the $ to build strength elsewhere.  What did Brandon do Monday, anyone know?  Ohhh that's right, he hit a HR.

SS: Michael Young (TEX): Young has been hitting well this year when he's able to stay on the field.  Of course Sunday he gets the day off! Seeing that Orlando Cabrera has been sizzling hot I dropped Young and picked up OC.

3B: Maicer Izturis (LAA):  Here is my sleeper pick.  He's under $4 and has been tearing the cover off of the ball.  He is currently on a 10 game hitting streak and is unbelievably cheap!

OF: Manny Ramirez (BOS):  Who's been hotter than this guy?!  He is in a zone these days that reminds us why Boston puts up with"Manny being Manny".  What did he do for me Sunday?  1-4 with 2Ks.  Thanks ManRam.

OF: Ryan Braun (MIL): This guy is like a roller coaster!  Every timeyou think he's getting out of his slump he throws in a nice 0-4 with 3K game that makes his owners want to pull their hair out!  He is a true risk/reward type of guy!

OF: Carlos Beltran (NYM):  Maybe I'm holding on to the past a little too long, but didn't this guy use to be spectacular?!  I am still waiting for the Houston Astro Carlos Beltran to reappear.

UTL: Dan Uggla (FLA):  This guy just flat out loves to HACK.  Facing a Reds team that has been up and down this season Dan was a nice pick to start Sunday as he gaveme a 2-3 game with 3 RBI...then I sold him.

So here is how today (6/10/08) went for me.

C: Empty: Again, leaving Doumiton my bench until he....wait....he did what tonight?  4-4 with 2 HR?  Ok, excuse me while I get a tissue for my tears.  48 points on my bench?  Hmmm, that's just...ok let's move on

1B: Lance Berkman (HOU): Another HUGE night for the best RotoHogplayer in the game!  He is expensive($47) but he continues to produce!  Tonight he went 3-4 with a triple, HR and a nice 5 RBI for a very helpful 36 points.  Tomorrow he is facing a guy that he is 3-6 off of in his career.  Lance will surely be in my lineup again tomorrow evening.

2B: Ian Kinsler (TEX): Not a bad night, but not a great one.  I sold Phillips and since then he's been stinging the ball and showing off his power.  Kinsler, on the other hand, went 1-4 with a BB and a run scored.  He gave me a little over 6 points so it could've been worse.  I think I'll run him out there again tomorrow and see how we do.  He is only 1-6 against Royals starter Kyle Davies, but the Rangers have been hitting the ball well lately, I'll roll the dice (well...probably).

SS: Orlando Cabrera (CHW): Orlando had a rough night tonight against the Tigers.  1-5 with a CS = -4 points for me tonight...not good!  Tomorrow the Sox are facing Justin Verlander whom OC is hitting an abysmal .083 off of in his career.  Justin hasn't been dominating this season but I still think I'll go ahead and drop Cabrera when the trading floor opens tomorrow.

3B: Maicer Izturis (LAA): Another productive night for less money than a gallon of gas.  Maicerwent 2-4 with 2 runs scored tonight and continues to get zero RotoHog respect.  Tomorrow, on the other hand, may put a stop to his hot streak.  The Halos face Scott Kazmir and he has been flat-out nasty lately.  I will probably move Maicer to the bench tomorrow but keep him on my roster.  Braun is eligible at 3B so I will probably just move him up to this slot.

OF: Josh Hamilton (TEX): There are some questions about his health right now so I took a gamble when I purchased him.  That gamble certainly did not pay off tonight.  Josh struggled going 0-5 with 1K, 1 RBI, and 1 run scored.  Being that he is almost $47 I will certainly be dropping Mr. Hamilton in the morning.

OF: Ryan Braun (MIL): Braun showed everyone why he's worth keeping on your team tonight when he hit his 17th HR of the season.  He continues to swing a hot bat and will absolutely be in my starting lineup again tomorrow.

OF: Matt Holliday (COL): Back from the DL and beating up pitcher in AAA I tooka chance on Holliday this evening as well.  Showing a little rust he went 0-3 with 1K and 1 run scored.  His price will probably take a significant drop in the morning so I may sell early and buy him again late.  I like this guy and think it's only a matter of time before he starts knocking the cover off of the ball!

UTL: Jay Bruce (CIN): Dusty Baker placed Jay Bruce into the leadoff spot for the first time in his professional baseball career.  Bruce in-turn went 1-4 and got -0.8 points on the evening.  This guy just has "it".  Even his outs are hit hard and he hustles all of the way down the line on groundballs.  The league is starting to make a little adjustment to him and throw him first pitch junk since he likes to hack early, but I think Jay'll be alright.  He will be sticking around on my roster for a little bit longer. 

SP: Being that I am a little over the suggested innings pitched usage I decided against starting anyone tonight.  I have 3 of my SP going tomorrow (2 of them facing each other) so I have a hard decision to make in the morning!

RP: Bobby Jenks (CHW): DNP.  With the White Sox losing to the Tigers their closer did not see any action tonight.

RP: Salomon Torres (MIL): The Brewers were smoked by the Astros tonight so Mr. Torres got the night off.

I will be making some more "strategic moves" when the floor opens and hopefully that will produce more points!  A disappointing day ended with 56.86 points.  Not a horrible night considering my pitchers saw zero action.  That being said, let's hope for a better day tomorrow!