Alex Smith: Wrong QB For a Winning Vision

Jon K BrentContributor INovember 10, 2009

After watching the game Sunday against the Titans it was apparent to me I was watching the tale of two teams wrapped up in one. What do I mean? Alex Smith is the QB of the Nolan team and Shaun Hill is the benched starter for the Singletary "I want winners" era.

Yea, yea...Football is a team sport. But the 'soul' comes from the leadership and until Mike Singletary believes in his own vision and doesn't waver to his coaches calls for change in the face of a valley of losses, then the uncertainty and the uniform high levels of performance will be hit and miss. Even the Stock Market has highs and lows, but your smart vision as an investor is for the long term and you stick to the vision you have for success given the ups and downs. No matter what others say! The 49ers have made gains, but now they're giving back some of those gains due to some injuries and for some reason they aren't believing in their own mojo from the beginning of the season. I recall: I want winners! They chose their 'winners' and started that team...then they made the QB switch. Who do you blame...Hill, Raye, Singletary? I blame Raye and Singletary, even though I've said here that Hill isn't pretty throwing the long ball, but he has moved the 'O' the best...over the long run. Certainly better than Smith. Anybody can come in after being the 2nd stringer and look good for a half. You're jazzed and focused. But for the long run? It wasn't your plan for winning coach! And now your whole vision for the season is in question. Not good strategy.

Alex Smith has no winning foundation with the 49ers, nothing to fall back on to say "this is how we won...I need to perform THIS way, to do order to get back to THIS winning focus." Until Smith can have a mental picture of winning at the Pro level, he'll be mediocre at best. Shaun Hill has had more successes to fall back on and less pummeling than Smith, he's really the best 'mental' chance they have at winning at this point at QB. He was Singletary's choice to start at the beginning of the year. Why second guess yourself by listening to the worry warts. Hill is being a 'team' player and letting the Coaches, especially Jimmy Raye, find their offensive soul. Hill needs to step up and chose me first...let me prove to you that you made the right choice in 2009!

It all falls back on Mike Singletary, he's wavering in his mental focus in the face of losing. Yea it's tough when you've lost this many games in a row and you start tweeking your vision to spark a win. The best thing Singletary can do right now is go back to his vision at the beginning of the season...mentally take his team back to their opening win against the Cardinals and say this is how we do it guys! Remember!!!??? Spark the mental vision of intensity, focus and yes...winning!

That mental focus is their best chance for a win on Sunday and beyond. It can be done.'ll take putting Hill back in at QB, but at this point, you've go nothing to lose and everything to gain. Are you seconding guessing what got you to a great start at the beginning of the season? Perhaps the competition knows you're a two trick pony on 'O' with Davis and Gore, and that Smith is not a winner and their defending it solidly? Just stick to your out the kinks and throw some wrinkles into the offensive to exploit the opposers 'D'. Yea, easier said than done...but if the mental focus is can and will be done!

Winning is a steady mental game that takes focusing on what got you victories in the first place...just ask Vince Lombardi.