Michael Vick: Officially the Most Overhyped,Overblown Thing Ever

Kevin LagowskiCorrespondent INovember 10, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - SEPTEMBER 27:  Quarterback Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles warms up before taking on the Kansas City Chiefs during their game on September 27, 2009 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Travis Lindquist/Getty Images)
Travis Lindquist/Getty Images

Reflecting on the first half of the Eagles’ season, there have been moments of brilliance and moments of ineptitude; stellar performances and a couple lousy ones.


For one, we haven't seen much of the one thing that got the most hype in the weeks leading up to the season and that's  Michael Vick.


After returning from a two-game suspension to start the year, Vick has run the ball 12 times and thrown a measly six passes in his six games with the Eagles, even with Donovan McNabb injured for a couple of them.


All those grandiose plans that people had of Vick stepping in for a drive or two at a time and show casing that duel threat of speed and arm strength, have been proven unfounded.


And it’s obvious that McNabb himself hates when Vick comes into the game, disrupting the rhythm with all of this wildcat garbage.


Vick doesn’t even touch the ball half the time he’s on the field anyway and Andy Reid, never a tactical genius, has had to burn several timeouts this year to work Vick into the game.


Yes, he’s still not in game shape, but surely the Eagles had an idea to use Vick more than this?


If it was all just some PR stunt, a feel-good story brought to you by Jeff Lurie and company, then why should we even care?


Let some other team take Vick if it’s going to be a charity case. The Eagles’ window is closing fast (if it hasn’t already) and we want to see winning football.


If Vick can help the team, use him more. If this is all they ever had planned for him, then the Eagles owe their fans an apology for wasting money on him when they could have acquired someone who could contributed in a valuable way.


Sure would be nice to have a quality offensive lineman or linebacker right about now, wouldn’t it?


Vick is far from being the worst mistake of this regime, it just seems so bad because of all the hype that surrounded his signing.


But were people really foolish enough to think that Vick could be adequately incorporated into the Eagles’ offense by Reid and Marty Mornhinweg? Or that McNabb’s fragile ego could handle the idea of sharing the football?


He put on his fake smile, as always, but we all know he hates Vick being there.


And we all should too if it detracts from the team.


So as the Eagles trudge through another inconsistent season and Vick barely sees the field, the frustration grows.


And grows.


And never seems to stop.