Logo Blog #10: LA Xtreme (XFL)

Avry Lewis-McDougallContributor INovember 10, 2009

Hey folks, It's Avry again and I'm back with another logo blog, this time I'm blogging about the logo of the LA Xtreme of the XFL or as Mr.McMahon said it ''THE XXXXXXFFFLLLLLLL!! (by this time after the drawn out saying of XFL spit was flying and the camera that was in front of McMahon was thoroughly soaked). Now the XFL as many of us know, was owned by the WWE in an attempt to try and bring the world's of football and wrestling together, appealing for one week and then it went in the crapper, but the logo of the LA Xtreme who won the league title with QB Tommy Maddox at the helm is the most pathetic excuse for being extreme. Wow lets be extreme, sorry xtreme what should our logo be? How about blades at the end of our logo that looks like a boomerang that someone sat on and put under heat? Perfect! everyone is going to eat up this logo, nothing generic about a team logo with blades! That right there folks was the meeting in the Xtreme's head office when they were trying to design a logo, that kind of transcript is hard to come by folks. Your welcome, and each of you that read the transcript owe me $10 to reimburse me for how much it cost me to get the transcript of the conversation. This logo, just keeps on getting worse, in the middle of this bladed, flattened boomerang there is a smaller and yellowish version smaller boomerang inside it that looks like it was inspired by the paintings that elephants do at the zoo and people call it art. Just pure laziness and amateurism. The XFL, a league with scantily clad cheerleaders in Chicago in -2 degree weather, amateur logos, and a race to the ball to determine who gets first possession. Sorry Homer Simpson, this league is not coming back but we still have the memories of the red and black ball to keep us warm and Xtreme.

Avry's logo scale and grades

-1.5/10 In being Xtreme

44.4/10 in flattening boomerangs.


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