NBA Finals Report: This is What is Wrong with Sports Today

Chris HesterSenior Analyst IJune 10, 2008

"I'm just surprised he wasn't in here complaining about the refs again," Doc Rivers says.  What an exciting NBA Finals match-up this has been, no?

Let me ask a question—is everyone out there growing as tired as I am with all of the crying and complaining before, during, and after EVERY basketball game these days?

How many times have you seen it? A CLEAR foul, whistle blows, culprit throws their hands in the air, and exclaims "WHAT?! Are you #@$%^% kidding me?!"

Sports in general have taken a horrible turn for the worst when it comes to both officiating and accountability. Players NEVER do anything wrong and the refs are...well, to say they are unreliable may be the understatement of a lifetime.

Someone needs to explain something to me. Everyone says, "Ohh, you can't make that call on the road." Or, you hear, "C'mon, that's not a foul, it's the playoffs/last 2 minutes of a game."

Explain to me how that works? I always thought (and I must be crazy) that a foul is a foul is a foul. I don't care if it's the last second of a game on the road in a 32-point game! If Player A fouls Player B, the whistle NEEDS TO BE BLOWN!

The NBA Finals—and playoffs, for that matter—have been painful to watch.  There are so many flat out awful calls both made and missed so far that it has become embarrassing.  I mean, when that's all you see on the highlights and all you hear in the press conferences, obviously there is something wrong.

Where do we go from here, that's the question? Do we figure out a way to make things computerized? Is it time to get some young guys with "new" eyes out on the court? It seems the majority of the "playoff officials" are in their 60's, so maybe it's time for some new blood.

One thing is for sure—this is not fun to watch. Every NBA game I watch reminds me why I do not watch the regular season. I keep trying to give these guys a chance, and they keep pushing me away. There is too much of an "outside influence" on the game, and it takes away from the excitement.