Tuesday Morning Running Back Week 9: New Yorkers Take Giant Step Backward

Dan PieroniCorrespondent INovember 10, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - NOVEMBER 21:  Guard Chris Snee #67 of the New York Giants looses his helmet and catches the flag on a penalty against the Atlanta Falcons in the third quarter at Giants Stadium on November 21, 2004 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Falcons defeated the Giants 14-10.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Harry How/Getty Images

Sunday wasn't a good day for Chris Snee.

It's bad enough that his late holding penalty helped to cost the Giants the game.

However, what if your boss was also your Father-in-law? How much explaining would you have to do then?

Snee's holding penalty deep in the red zone, forced the Giants to settle for a field goal, and gave Phillip Rivers an opening to steal the game, which he promptly did.

But Snee isn't the only one to blame for the defeat. While talking with a friend who happens to be a Giants fan yesterday, we concluded two truths about the Giant defense.

1. The secondary has more holes in it than an old pair of underwear.

2. Steve Spagnuolo is sorely missed.

Drew Brees shredded the Giant secondary a few weeks ago and subsequent quarterbacks have taken his lead. It is in desperate need of an upgrade.

And while Bill Sheridan may be an adequate defensive coordinator, he has yet to show the inventiveness of his predecessor.

Any real Giants fan will tell you that it was Steve Spagnuolo's scheming that won the Super Bowl, not David Tyree's miracle catch.

Now, the Giants have lost four straight, and are looking up at both the Cowboys and the Eagles in the division.

While they are currently in position to win at least at wild card spot, their margin of error is at most two games with Atlanta, Chicago, Green Bay and either Dallas or Philadelphia clipping at their heels.

Five weeks ago this was the best team in the NFC.

Five weeks later, the Giants are now searching for answers.

Elsewhere in week nine action:

  • Myles Austin had a quiet night for the most part. But when it mattered Tony Romo could count on his favorite target who scampered for a winning touchdown and put the Cowboys in first place.
  • Yes Bengal fans, you can start talking playoffs. All you needed to do was watch your team score on their three possessions, and the Ravens shot themselves in the foot from there.
  • I don't like him personally but I got to admit Ochocinco is pretty entertaining. I had to laugh when he jokingly tried to bribe an official after getting a penalty.
  • Dolphins rookie Vontae Davs had an interesting day on Sunday. While he did pick off a Tom Brady pass, he was the recipient of a vicious Randy Moss stiffarm that put the game out of reach.
  • The Saints are now 9-0 for the first time in their history thanks to Drew Brees leading a comeback and their defense forcing three fumbles.
  • Michael Turner has finally found his groove and that's got to make both the Falcons and their fans really happy.
  • I understand DeAngelo Hall might have been angry over the way the Falcons treated towards the end of his tenure there. But to instigate a melee on the sideline in which coaches were involved is a bush move and should be grounds for suspension.
  • Speaking of idiotic moves, the Bears Tommie Harris got himself ejected after he struck a Cardinal in the head. Without his presence on the defensive line, Kurt Warner torched them for five touchdowns.
  • I guess the Cardinals thought the Bears were what they thought they were.
  • Vince Young's grit and Chris Johnson's power running have transformed the Titans into a team that can at least finish with a respectable record.
  • Mr. Snee wasn't the only Chris to have a bad day on Sunday. The Texans Kris Brown missed a 42 yard field goal as time expired and the Colts were able to escape with a victory. The sad part is he had made a kick from 52 yards out earlier in the game.
  • Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio put his team through grueling tackling drills in full pads to send a message to his team after their embarrassing loss to the Titans last week. It worked this week as the Jaguars beat the Chiefs.
  • Hey Tampa Bay, you're a winner! Maybe you should wear those god-awful duds for the rest of the season.  They seemed to bring you luck.
  • Kudos to Matt Hasselbeck who spearheaded a Seahawk comeback from 17-0 down to avoid being the first team to lose to the Lions at home in two years.
  • Last night's Denver Pittsburgh game could be summed up as a tale of two halves. Denver controlled the ball in the first half but couldn't score. Pittsburgh controlled the ball in the second half and took advantage by scoring two touchdowns that were the difference.
  • Happy Veterans Day to all you vets out there, and thanks for all you do for our country.
  • Week 10 has two marquee games on the docket with the Colts and Pats and the Steelers and Bengals. I can't wait to share my thoughts with you, but we'll both have to wait till next week. See you then!