Personalized “KARDASHIAN” New Orleans Saints Jersey

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst INovember 10, 2009

I’m not sure why Kim Kardashian is just now posting pictures of her attending the Saints/Dolphins game on October 25th. She’s supposed to be soooo now, dammit. Nevertheless, she captured a pretty tremendous moment in personalized jersey history.

We’ve mocked similar personalized, impromptu jerseys in the past and this one falls under the same guidelines of suckitude – especially when you’re chilling with a guy wearing a Ronnie Brown jersey highlighted by several gold chains, shaved arms and a wrist band.  Nevertheless, we’ll award this guy several points because it’s possible he spotted Kim Kardashian in near proximity, knew of her connections with Reggie Bush, and acted accordingly for the sole purpose of grabbing a photo with the actress model whatever.

Besides, this guy has paved the way for someone to go full tilt and purchase a real “KARDASHIAN” New Orleans Saints jersey.  My money is on a female, given some of the comments on Ms. Kardashian’s website.

“Kim, I am REALLY proud of you. You have been making more of an effort to attend all of Reggie’s games. I know that means A LOT to him. I know you have a crazy schedule but as women, we need to make our significant others our priority. It speaks VOLUME!!”


The Reggie Bush/Kim Kardashian love affair has made tremendous strides over the past two years, but they have yet to reach Tom Brady / Gisele adoration levels.

[Kim Kardashian]

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