NBA Draft '08: Detroit Pistons: Who They Really Need and What It Will Take

Ryan ParksCorrespondent IJune 10, 2008

    Obviously a trade is in line, with talk now on Carmelo Anthony, the very player they could've drafted. That trade is a little irrational, but is still plausable, because the window is closing and Detroit is either going to enter rebuilding mode or get rational, so no trade is out of question.

    Currently as it sits, Detroit has the 29th pick in this year's NBA draft. If no trade occurs and they stay at this spot to draft, most likely it is going to be Bill Walker.

    Ultimately, the Pistons should look for a powerful big man, because they have no true inside force to be reckoned with. Maxiell is beginning to become that but is still one or two years out. Bill Walker is a player that a lot of teams don't want because of his awkward size. Other than that he is very talented. He shot well all season from the three point line, and was consistent from mid range.

Bill Walker stands at 6'6" as a very good small forward out of Kansas State. The only problem with this pick is it is not the need the Pistons need to address. Otherwise, the awkward talent the Pistons have at taking unwanted players and making them great makes Bill Walker a perfect pick.

    Now, if the Pistons want to trade and not lose too much, they should look at Roy Hibbert. Currently, he is projected as the 23rd pick overall, which belongs to the Utah Jazz. Utah wants Roy Hibbert because they want size, but if Detroit was to swap first-rounders with Utah and give them Rasheed Wallace, this could be a win-win situation for both Utah and Detroit.

Roy Hibbert is a 7'2" 275-pound monster on the inside. He has a decent mid-range shot that can be trusted if he is wide open like McDyess, but Hibbert can play inside and has the size to be a 20 and 10 player. Meanwhile, the Jazz win because they get a veteran player that is a quick boost and they can still draft another big man, ideally someone like Alexis Ajinca who needs one to two years back in Europe.

Rasheed has one to three years left in his career, and can be a filler while the player Utah drafts gets better. They could pick up a big sleeper and never lose a beat. Utah is young enough and Wallace still has the desire to win.

    With a 7'2" big man for Detroit, they really don't have a weakness anymore. The starting lineup would be Billups, Hamilton, Prince, McDyess, and Hibbert. With Stuckey and Maxiell for explosiveness off the bench the Pistons don't lose much but gain a lot.

In a few years the lineup will be fantastic with Stuckey, Hamilton, Prince, Maxiell, and Hibbert. Even with that lineup, they are at least a .500 team, and that would be if that was the lineup next year, not with a couple years under the players belt.

Simple trade, huge fix, and the Pistons maintain a contender for possibly five more years.