College Football: Should the Mountaineers Win Out...

Scott PauleyAnalyst INovember 9, 2009

With only three games left in the 2009-10 regular-season, the West Virginia Mountaineers have again entered the top 25 and still have BCS aspirations.

The Mountaineers hold it all in their own hands.  The three remaining games are all slated for national television and are Big East conference games.

WVU will travel to Cincinnati this Friday the 13th, then return home for a bye week before playing  in the Backyard Brawl, versus Pittsburgh on Nov. 27.

The Mountaineers will cap off the regular-season at Rutgers on Dec 5.

The entire WVU season hinges on the final three games.

With one conference loss, the Mountaineers are still in the running to—at least—share the Big East title. 

Should the Mountaineers win out:

Beating Cincy and Pitt would cause the three teams to be tied for the No. 1 spot atop the Big East—each team having one conference loss. 

However, the Bearcats will face the Panthers in the final regular-season outing, for both teams, on Dec. 5.

Should the Mountaineers win out:

This game will determine which of the two teams will share the Big East title with West Virginia.

Howbeit, with the head to head win over both teams, WVU will obtain the BCS Bowl berth.

In my opinion, the Cincinnati Bearcats are the best team in the Big East with Pitt in the running as well.  Unfortunately for me, I am a Mountaineer.

Naturally, I want to see the Mountaineers victorious in the final three outings, not forgetting the spoiling power of the Scarlet Knights of New Jersey State—Rutgers.

I do enjoy seeing four Big East teams—enter South Florida—ranked among the top 25 teams in the nation.  However, when all is finished, I want the West Virginia Mountaineers to be on top.

I have never been to a bowl game.  I probably will not be able to afford to go this season either. 

Nonetheless, though it may be from my own stadium seat—recliner, watching my own video board—LCD flat screen, in my own personal suite—living room, I will be cheering on my favorite college football team in a BCS bowl,

Should the Mountaineers win out.