Dec. 5th 2009: Dejavu?

Jill HolcombContributor INovember 9, 2009

So here we are once again, and for Florida and Alabama this situation looks all too familiar.  The two SEC Championship contenders are  remembering this same scenario this time last year.  Now, I'm sure that Alabama and their fans are not hoping for a repeat of last years SEC Championship game results, but for Florida they want nothing but a mirror image.  Last year's game ending 31-20 Florida's victory is leaving nothing but sweet memories of the mouths of Gators, and now they get a second time to "Chomp" the Roll Tide.  Question is...will this year's results be a Deja Vu for Florida or will Nick Saban and the boys in Crimson "Roll over" those Gators??  

Let's check it out....

Statistically wise, they're pretty close, with Florida only having about 35 more rushing yards and 5.7 more PF than Alabama the defensive-primed teams are ready to go head-to-head in which I think will be the toughest defensive game this year has seen.  Both have practically angelic defenses who thrive everytime they touch the field and both special teams are phenomenal. I believe this one will come down to the end.  We all know that those teams have defenses like no other, the real question is:

Which one of these offenses are going to step it up and pull it together to win this game??  We've all seen Florida's offense this year, with their grind-it-out games and close calls depth has been a real kryptonite for the boys in blue causing Tebow to run more, and take more hits.   However in later games, both teams have seem to found their niche and is sticking well. Alabama has a solid offense when they're together, but getting them to play on a consistent basis.  Julio Jones, Arenas, and Ingram are all threats that could potentially pull it together.  I personally, am anxiously awaiting this game and for a hopeful demise (no offense) on Alabama.

For Florida fans, it's more than another SEC championship and possible BCS win, it's for a perfect season, something Florida has never done, it's for Tebow's senior year, it's for showing the country that the Gators can rise above the conflict and the drama that surrounds this team and focus and win on the field.

But for Alabama, they want payback..They can taste it, they know it's their time and I believe that they aren't going to give up without a fight.  (I mean you saw how they took out them Tigers?)

I say..may the best team win.  But as a fan, I say GO GATORS!! F*** the naysayers and the haters, be true blue and orange!!!!!!  

My Prediction:  Florida 17 Alabama 10