The Only Thing Good About The Tampa Bay Game- Realties Of The Packers

Jan MandelContributor INovember 9, 2009

TAMPA, FL - NOVEMBER 08:  A Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader performs during the game against the Green Bay Packers at Raymond James Stadium on November 8, 2009 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
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What is consistant about the Packers:

* Packers offensive line continue to allow sacks & they suck

* The defense is not that good...see ya Aaron...will miss you in 2010

* Rodgers continues to hold the ball to long, looks for the long ball and has impressive  stats, except the most important one...winning games.

* Special teams continue to suck

* They don't have a consistant running game

* Hey at least they still have a committment to penalties

* Hey they have the youngest team 4 years running

* Hey they still have plenty cap money

You can't fix when you don't have the talent to fix it or develope it!

I wrote an article before about Thompson's building of an unbalanced team by draft only, stupid draft picks & missing opportuntities in free agency. Below i will show year by year draft picks. 

 But before that, i will show you the difference between the Vikings & Packers, and will only show you the Vikings side of how they built a balanced team over the last 5 years...and let you in your own mine fill in the blanks for the Packers.

Viking Free Agents                                               Viking Drafts

Antoine Winfield                                                    Sidney Rice

Steve Hutchinson                                                 Loadholt starting 6'8" 343 OT

Jared Allen                                                             Peterson -AKA... All Day!

Vincente Shiancoe                                               Chad Greenway LB

Barnard Berrian                                                   John Sullivan 2nd yr. now starting C

Brett Favre                                                           Percy Harvin

Get the point…it’s called building a team through balance.  If you build totally through the draft only…your waiting 2-3 yrs for development of a player if they don’t develop….your left with what we are dealing with …with the offensive line going on yr. #6….which is pathetic!  ….And going into yr. 6 we are 35-37….WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR THE MANAGEMENT TO GET THE MESSAGE..????????????


1st-Aaron Rodgers, QB (best pick so far)
2nd-Nick Collins, DB (top five of his picks)
2nd-Terrence Murphy, WR (bust)
4th-Marvel Underwood, DB (bust)
4th-Brady Poppinga, LB (solid player)
5th-Junius Coston, OL (bust)
5th-Mike Hawkins, DB (bust)
6th-Michael Montgomery, DL (great in the preseason, bust in the regular season)
6th-Craig Bragg, WR(did not even make the team)
7th-Kurt Campbell, LB (did not even make the team)
7th-William Whitticker, OL (bust)

That is eight busts out of 11 picks and just four players out of 11 picks that are still on the team.

1st-A.J. Hawk, LB (average, but should be the defensive face of this franchise)
2nd-Daryn Colledge, OL (decent guard but not a tackle)
2nd-Greg Jennings, WR (second best pick of the Thompson administration)
3rd-Abdul Hodge, LB (bust)
3rd-Jason Spitz, OL (adequate)
4th-Corey Rodgers, WR (did not make the team)
4th-Will Blackmon, DB (can not stay healthy, out for the year, time for the bust label)
5th-Ingle Martin, QB (still can not believe he actually drafted somebody named Ingle)
5th-Tony Moll, OL (Aaron Rodgers might have been crippled if they did not trade Moll away)
6th-Johnny Jolly, DT (solid, but stupid)
6th-Tyrone Culver, DB (really got nothing out of him)
7th-Dave Tollefson, DE (never made the team)

That is seven busts out of 12 picks and only one star out of the class. 12 draft picks and one star, two solid players and two decent players. You should expect more out of that many picks.

1st-Justin Harrell, DT (has spent more time in the trainer's room than the field=bust)
2nd-Brandon Jackson, RB (good on 3rd downs, but this guy was supposed to be better)
3rd-James Jones, WR (solid but has yet to take that step forward from his solid rookie year)
3rd-Aaron Rouse, DB (playing him at safety was a bad idea from the beginning, bust)
4th-Allen Barbre, OL (has played better but is still one of the reasons Aaron Rodgers is running for his life)
5th-David Clowney, WR (never made the team)
6th-Korey Hall, FB (solid)
6th-Desmond Bishop, LB (should be on the field but for some reason they do not allow him)
6th-Mason Crosby, K (solid kicker)
7th-DeShawn Wynn, RB (decent at best, injury prone)

10 picks and nobody looks like they are heading towards a Pro Bowl career. Plus, the first rounder of that class should have never been taken in the first place.

2nd-Jordy Nelson, WR (solid WR, should turn into a really good third WR)
2nd-Brian Brohm, QB (on the practice squad but just looked awful when he was on the roster, a waisted 2nd round pick, & THompson wouldn't give a 4th rd pick for Moss??)
2nd-Pat Lee, CB (on IR, another waisted 2nd rd pick)
3rd-Jermichael Finley, TE (looked like he was going to be a bust, now looks like he might revolutionize the way TE is played)
4th-Jeremy Thompson, DL (not ready to be a backup but is counted on to be one)
4th-Josh Sitton, OL (committing too many penalties and helping in killing Rodgers' career)
5th-Breno Giacomini, OL (cut last year and now inactive through four games)
7th-Matt Flynn, QB (got the backup job but if Rodgers goes down, so does this season)
7th-Brett Swain, WR (did not make it last year but snuck on the roster this year, now on IR)

Nobody at this point can be labeled a bust except Brohm. Still, only Finley and Nelson have shown they are ready for prime time. Yet the rest of the class is counted on to do the same and clearly they are not ready.

1st-B.J. Raji, DL (been hurt to start the year & hasn't done anything)
1st-Clay Matthews, LB (looks like he will be the LB that A.J. Hawk should be)
4th-T.J. Lang, OL (watched Jared Allen blow past him, not even close to being ready to handle significant snaps, but is)
5th-Quinn Johnson, FB (looked good in the preseason, then they started to play for real and he has been inactive for that)
5th-Jamon Meredith, OL (Packers thought they could sneak him onto the practice squad, they were wrong)
6th-Jarius Wynn, DL (has he even seen the field yet?)
6th-Brandon Underwood, DB (same goes for him)
7th-Brad Jones, LB (and the same goes for him)

Can not really evaluate this draft class as it is the first year and Clay Matthews looks like he will be a stud. Plus, this was the first draft that Thompson got aggressive and moved up. The one problem, he drafted just two offensive lineman and one made the team. 

When you look at his draft record, for a guy that is supposed to be a draft madman, he has really not hit a lot of home runs. 50 draft picks, 30 remain and I would say only 13 would rate as adequate or above with only one making the Pro Bowl (Jennings was named an alternate). Not exactly building a Super Bowl through the draft. Plus, this guy has shown he can not build up the trenches (where games are won and lost) through the draft. That is why Ted Thompson needs to start looking beyond the draft to build this team into a legit Super Bowl contender and not a preseason tease. If not, the drum beat for his dismissal will grow louder, and it should.



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