Green Bay Packers: Haters Gonna Hate, Playas Gonna Play

ExJx BrooksContributor INovember 9, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - NOVEMBER 01:  Fans hold a sign referring to quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings during the game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 1, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
Scott Boehm/Getty Images

It's nice to see that even though Brett Favre and the Vikings have the week off, the "holier than thou" Favre bashers do not.

Well, here I am to punch the clock and put in some work.

I'd like to take a moment to ponder why?

Why all the hate?

Why all the animosity?

I mean, the Packers' brass bashers stopped once Favre was gone. True Packers fans have put the differences behind them, and while showing support for the Pack have kept respect for the talent Favre has.

Even after the man brutalized our beloved Packers for 515 yards and seven TDs, the true fans were able to sit back and say," WOW, and he didn't even blink."

Why I say? Why?

Possible reason No. 1 (and the most likely):

Since the departure of Brett Favre, the Packers are a devastating 10-14 and Favre is 16-8. Maybe the bashers are thinking what most think when someone does something they themselves haven't done or can't do, ”Why not me?"

Of course, to that I say: I don't know, ask Ted Thompson. He's the one who put together that piece of Swiss cheese we call an offensive line.

Ask Dom Capers what the hell good is a defense that can't even stop what was the worst team in the league, now one of the worst thanks to the Pack, from putting up 38 points. He's the one that convinced us that the 3-4 would fix everything.

Maybe they would feel better if Favre was in fact washed up or worse retired. Maybe they could sleep at night if on the first offensive play of the season Favre threw an interception while getting hit and suffering a career ending injury.

This reason leaves much to speculation, like maybe it's not just that he went to the enemy, but that they knew how much better the Vikes would be with him under center.

So instead of lashing out at the deficiencies in the Packers' organization, they lash out at the one person who has nothing to do with the Packs' failures other than playing his best when playing them.

It's like all of them wanted him gone and now they are mad because he is.

Possible reason No. 2:

They hated him to begin with. Now they see their opportunity to say what they want without hurting their team and making enemies amongst themselves.

Here people have to realize sports are not a place to judge players on what they do off the field, unless illegal or just flat-out wrong, but what they do on the field.

Yeah, they have the right to not like the guy, but to constantly ridicule the guy's every move to the point it ALMOST overshadows his performance on the field is stupid.

Possible reason No. 3:

They just have to blame someone. Favre just happens to be that guy.

I mean, it's not like the Cleveland Browns' debacle, where you can pretty much pick anyone and blame them, because the whole team sucks, except Josh Cribbs, and everyone is pretty much pounding them, but you know what? Why don't Cleveland fans follow the these fans’ example?

"Bernie, Bernie. Oh yeah, it’s all your fault."

Get real; it’s your team’s fault. The one guy that is, game in and game out, producing for the Pack, gets screwed every game, because for some reason the offensive line has forgotten how to block. By the way, where is this newly revamped much improved defense I've been hearing about.

Oh yeah, Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy must be saving it for when the crap gets really deep.

But you know what? I was just on the Packers' web site and I think I did see Favre listed as the General Manager, Head Coach, and Defensive Coordinator. I guess I stand corrected; it is Favre's fault.

Give me a break.

My feeling on this is, I'm mad at the play of this team, not the actions of one man.

You know I was sad to see him go, but I felt the move to Aaron Rodgers was the right one, and it was.

This doesn't mean that Favre just stops doing what he loves. He has right to do what he wants as long as he realizes the outcome is almost 100 percent on him.

Yeah, it sucks he stomped us twice, but he did and we have to respect that.

Seriously, get over it. They didn't want him anymore so they broke up with him. Now he's dating their worst enemy, and they'll do everything they can to make him unhappy.

It's funny that blaming and bashing him, to them, somehow takes away from the real issues.

The saddest part about this whole thing is they are tarnishing their relationship with the one man who has done more for this organization than anyone currently on the team.

Now, I'm sorry, even though it makes it tougher on the Pack, but I have to side with Favre on the move to Minnesota.

Okay, put yourself in his shoes, all loyalties aside.

First of all, you think you still have what it takes to compete at the professional level. Do you sit at home or do you go make tons more money by coming back?

From a financial stand point everyone has got to say, “Show me the money." Shoot, I'd wear a Vikings jersey right now if you'd pay me 100 bucks to wear it. The way the economy is right now, you'd be stupid not to.

Secondly, no matter what team you play for or what position you play, your ultimate job is to win the Super Bowl.

The Vikings provided the best chance for Favre to perform his job to the best of his abilities. All other the teams that could have provided him with this already had a starting QB. The Vikings were the only team at the time that was ready, pending a capable QB, and this is more than evident now.

Seriously, it was a smart move regardless of the implications. Where else was he going to go and be able to win right away?

Lastly, from a talent stand point, at this point, who would argue anyone going to Minnesota? Seriously, the Pack wasn't even an option, but right now it looks like even if they were he would have been stupid to choose them. They can't even win with the guy they got and he's been playing great.

I'm pretty sure that if the Pack had the talent that the Vikes do now a season and half ago, Favre would have not waffled. He'd be a Packer today.

The last thing I like to talk about is one other sports figure who has also shown moments of indecision when it came to retiring.

Michael Jordan.

Yes, I said it. Good old MJ.

People remember him for six NBA championships he won. People remember all the records he set.

What they rarely talk about is how much of a prima donna he was and that he retired and unretired twice.

The first retirement was in 1993 following three consecutive NBA championships. This was a decision he made after his father was shot by two teenage boys. After retiring, trying to honor his father's death, Jordan pursued a career in his father's favorite

He later returned to the Chicago Bulls in May of 1995 to lead them to the playoffs and to three more NBA championships the next three seasons.

Jordan again retired in January of 1999 just to unretire in 2001 and return with the Washington Wizards.

Jordan retired for the last time in 2003.

Now Jordan is regarded as the best to ever play in the NBA, but, just as Favre has, he has showed moments of indecision himself.

Taking nothing away from MJ and the death of his father; when his father was killed, MJ went off the deep end and retired to pursue a career in baseball, and rightfully so.

On the other hand, Favre's when father died, instead of sitting at home, which he had every right to, he showed his undying love and loyalty to the Pack and its fans. He showed up for work on Monday night and had the best game of his career.

Yet even after all the retirements and unretirements Jordan has put everyone through, no one called him a traitor, no one called his loyalties into question, instead his fans and NBA fans all over the country still loved and supported him.

This was evident when playing for the Wizards. All of their home games were sold out and the Wizards were the second most watched team in the NBA.

Then, in his final season, he received a four-minute ovation during his last game at his former team's home court, the Miami Heat even retired his number even though he never played there, and he received a three-minute ovation at the last game of his career.

Jordan technically did the same waffling as Favre, but yet he's cheered in Chicago and Favre's booed in Green Bay.

I understand that Jordan was the best ever and Favre is one of the best, but does that mean we overlook MJ's wavering decisions or that we over emphasize Favre's?

The bashers complain and say they were tired of all the mistakes and all the off-season drama, but now that he's gone and doing well they act as though it's still going on. He's not their problem anymore. Let it go.

It's all ridiculous to me.

In the end, Favre has already made his point and it only took eight games.

He can still play.

No matter what anybody says he is still one of the best of all-time, he has more than sculpted his bust for the hall of fame and most importantly, even though he wears purple on Sundays he still bleeds green and gold.

The funniest thing in all this is, say five, 10 years from now no matter what the Pack is doing, the same people who are bashing him now will be watching the games and saying:

"Remember the glory days? Yeah when Brett Favre took us to the Superbowl and won."

"Remember the Monday night game after his father died and he came out and wasted the Raiders?"

"Yeah those were the good old days."

These same people will tell their grandchildren:

"Who is this guy? This new QB?"

"Awe he's nothing. Now Brett Favre he was the man, I remember when..."

To be honest all this off-the-field drama will eventually go away with time. It would be lucky to be a foot note in the retelling of Favre's story.


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