BCS Rankings Week 11: Alabama Moves Back To No. 2 and Iowa Goes Down

Dan KelleyCorrespondent INovember 8, 2009

TUSCALOOSA, AL - NOVEMBER 07:  Mark Ingram #22 of the Alabama Crimson Tide rushes upfield against the Louisiana State University Tigers at Bryant-Denny Stadium on November 7, 2009 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It was another wild weekend in college football, with plenty of upsets, scares, and a few changes near the top of the poll.

The most noteworthy shift in the Week 11 poll is Alabama’s reclamation of the No. 2 spot after they were passed by Texas just last week. The Longhorns remain at No. 2 in both the AP and Coaches' polls following their 35-3 drubbing of Central Florida, but Alabama’s 24-15 win over LSU carried enough weight to push them ahead of Texas in the BCS.

The shift will likely mean little over the long haul, as Texas is still in terrific shape to get into the BCS Title game with Florida and Alabama on a collision course for the SEC title. If the Gators and the Tide both win out, they’ll end up facing off for the SEC championship and Texas can slide back up to No. 2, replacing the loser. 

Further shifting the BCS’s top five was the loss of previously unbeaten Iowa, knocking them from fourth down to No. 10 and also removing them from the BCS title picture.

The Hawkeyes have been the subject of a lot of scrutiny and doubt all year thanks to a number of unimpressive wins. They’ve been living dangerously, winning their first nine games by an average margin of just under 10 points, including a 17-16 win over Northern Iowa and a 24-21 win over Arkansas State.

With Northwestern finally ending Iowa’s perfect season, the Hawkeyes will have to realign their goals and focus on trying to win a Big Ten title.

Iowa wasn’t alone in suffering a disappointing upset this week though. Six different top 25 teams in last week’s poll went down to lower ranked opponents. California, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame all dropped from the poll after losing to unranked teams.

Even more teams found themselves locked in tough battles with upset minded opponents. Most notably, No. 5 Cincinnati squashed a late surge by Connecticut to remain unbeaten, Boise State moved up to No. 6 after a tough 45-35 win over Louisiana Tech and Georgia Tech moved up to No. 7 despite needing overtime to put away Wake Forest.

Some Other Notes

  • Who says the Big East is weak? Despite starting the season without a single team in the top 25, half of the Big East’s eight teams made appearances in the Week 11 BCS poll (No. 5 Cincinnati, No. 12 Pitt, No. 24 South Florida, No. 25 West Virginia).
  • TCU was the biggest beneficiary of Iowa’s loss, taking over the No. 4 spot in the poll. If Texas goes down, the Horned Frogs could find themselves right in the thick of the BCS title picture.
  • Ohio State’s upset win over Penn State pushed them up to No. 11 in the poll and it sets up what will likely be a de facto Big Ten championship game with No. 10 Iowa next week.

Here’s this week’s entire BCS poll:

1) Florida (9-0)

2) Alabama (9-0)

3) Texas (9-0)

4) TCU (9-0)

5) Cincinnati (9-0)

6) Boise State (9-0)

7) Georgia Tech (9-1)

8) LSU (7-2)

9) USC (7-2)

10) Iowa (9-1)

11) Ohio State (8-2)

12) Pittsburgh (8-1)

13) Oregon (7-2)

14) Miami (FL) (7-2)

15) Houston (8-1)

16) Utah (8-1)

17) Arizona (6-2)

18) Penn State (8-2)

19) Oklahoma State (7-2)

20) Wisconsin (7-2)

21) Virginia Tech (6-3)

22) BYU (7-2)

23) Oregon State (6-3)

24) South Florida (6-2)

25) West Virginia (7-2)

Dropped out: No. 20 California, No. 22 Notre Dame, No. 24 Oklahoma