Let's Face It: No College Football Team Is Very Good This Year

Ed MedinaCorrespondent INovember 8, 2009

GAINESVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 17: SEC umpire Ronnie Jones watches play as the Florida Gators host the Arkansas Razorbacks October 17, 2009 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

With all the controversy over polls, like Team A should be ahead of Team B, but not Team C because they haven't played anyone, but Team D looked good but not better than Team E and all that going on, I just have to say it: no one is that good this year.

Now, I don't care if you're a team from Gainesville with the most over-hyped quarterback in the country, or if you're a certain team from Austin who hasn't played a (currently) ranked team all year, or if you're a Blue Turf playing mid major that barely scraped by Louisiana Tech and Fresno State: you don't deserve to be number one. No one does.

Let's break down the BCS Top 10, and expose the obvious flaws with everyone's records, and the teams themselves.


1. Florida (9-0) —Where do I start? Here we go: you're only good win was over an overrated LSU team. Now, I know it was in Baton Rouge and at night, but LSU will suck until they get a real quarterback, and rid of Les (with more) Miles. Also, you would have dropped the Arkansas game had it not been for the worst officiating to ever grace the earth. To go on, you have the easiest schedule besides maybe Texas, with a whopping four road games. But don't discredit the Gator Schedule just yet. After all, they still have to play Mighty FIU (at home no less) before going to Atlanta. One more thing: Tim Tebow is severely overrated. I can think of at least 20 other quarterbacks I'd rather have on my team than him.

2. Alabama (9-0) —I love my Tide, but they're not a great team. First of all, the offense is almost non-existent. If I see one more dropped ball I am going to explode. The wins aren't overly impressive either, as the Tide struggled to beat a bad Tennessee team, an average South Carolina team, and had to come from behind to beat Virginia Tech and LSU (both of which are overrated). Good thing the Defense is an overly dominant force and can bail out that inept-at-times offense, or the Tide would likely have three or more losses.

3. Texas (9-0) —Texas was easily the most complete team I saw yesterday. But then again, they played none other than UCF. Their schedule is a joke; no one on it is currently ranked. Four of their current nine wins also came against mid majors—all of which suck. Their only quality win was against Oklahoma (without Sam Bradford, Jermaine Gresham, and everyone else) by three points. However, their offense is decent, even though they haven't played a real defense (Oklahoma is as close as they got). The Longhorn defense is actually pretty good but the day the Longhorns play a good team, they will get curb-stomped. Don't mess with Texas alright.

4. TCU (9-0) —I'm going to find it hard to find much wrong with TCU. They've looked great in every game they've played minus their match against Air Force, but the weather was a clear factor in that one. The only real thing I can say is, can they do this every week in a BCS conference? Good for you TCU; you look like the only team that looks dominant every week.

5. Cincinnati (9-0) —Gotta give Cincinnati props, even though they haven't beaten anyone currently ranked and did struggle against an average UCONN team at home in their last game. However, Cincinnati has won all of their games. The only problem now is scheduling, and they are in the Big East which isn't exactly a power conference. I don't think Cincinnati would have that 9-0 mark if they played somewhere else, to be honest.

6. Boise State (9-0) —How long can they live off of that Oregon win? Boise State hasn't looked very impressive since that day. First off, their schedule is a joke, (not really their fault since no one agrees to play them) and they're a WAC team—but it's a joke nonetheless. They should've been knocked off at Tulsa, had it not been for dumb mistakes, and also at Louisiana Tech and Fresno State. The fact is, they are still unbeaten, but definitely wouldn't be if they played a real team (not an unprepared Oregon team with a UFC running back) every once in a while. One more thing, Boise needs to learn to put away games. They've had good sized lead over Fresno, LA Tech, and Tulsa squandered away. Come on Boise.

7. Georgia Tech (9-1) —I feel bad exposing Tech since I like watching them play, but eventually they will play another team that learns to get penetration on them, and they will lose again. Miami did it, why don't people follow suit? Also, Tech's quarterback is pretty awful, so I guess stopping Jonathon Dwyer might be enough to stop the Ramblin' Wreck. In all honesty, if officials got it right, then the Clemson game would have been a loss. The ACC is also pretty bad this year (more like every year) so that 9-1 mark isn't that impressive. Have fun getting demolished in your bowl game against a real team Tech, but before that happens please beat Georgia like an old blanket.

8. LSU (7-2) —Yes, that was a missed interception yesterday that should have went your way, but it didn't. But you weren't going to win anyway, with Pick-Six Lee guiding your offense. LSU can simply not play offense, never mind the 31 they put up on Auburn; Ball State did too. As a matter of fact, when it comes down to it, the Tigers don't look good in big games at all. They had horrible officiating win them the Georgia game, they struggled badly against Washington, and they lost the two games that mattered the most: Alabama and Florida. This isn't a Top 10 team at all, not with this coaching. The good news is that their defense is fairly decent and that will win them more games than they will lose down the stretch. But believe me, the Tigers are liable to lose one or two more games down the stretch. When that happens, they will be right out of the Top 10.

9. USC (7-2) —What the hell is this? You lost to WASHINGTON, a team that didn't win last year, then you got flat out embarrassed by 27 points last week to Oregon who got cut to ribbons yesterday. I don't understand this. Had it not been for Danny SUCKivan as the ASU QB you wouldn't have won yesterday. You barely edged out an average Notre Dame team, and an average Oregon State team at home. It is just amazing to me how USC could be moved to the top 10. Gotta love the BCS. My prediction of the week is Stanford over USC by the way.

10. Iowa (9-1) —Finally you get exposed. After playing badly the entire way, yet scraping by FCS Northern Iowa, a sub-par Michigan State team, a bad Michigan Team, a one in a million comeback vs. Indiana, and Arkansas State by three at home (hahaha...) you finally lost to Northwestern at home yesterday. Why you were ever put in the Top 10 shows just how flawed the system is. However, I won't even worry about it as I know Terrell Pryor and his below average (for OSU) Buckeye team are going to tear you a new one this weekend in Columbus.


So, as you see, it doesn't matter if you're a fan of a team from Gainesville with a certain player who likes to gouge people's eyes out, a Mid-west team who was barely getting by in the Big Ten, or a certain team in Austin whose fans have a superiority complex about their state (that in reality is no better than any of them). If you say your team deserves to be number one then you are wrong. You are all wrong.

Roll Tide! Fork 'em Devils!