English Wrestling Talent On The Rise And Its With TNA!

KristalContributor INovember 8, 2009

Recently through watching TNA I have become impressed by one of the latest English talent to appear on the World Wrestling stage in years.


The heel character that is made to really get up the nose of all Scottish viewers Nick Aldis or Brutus Magnus as he is know to all TNA fans. Has become one of the best talents next to Davey Hart Smith (British Bulldog), Roderick George Toombs (Rowdy Roddy Piper) who were the best British talent of all time.


Are now seeing the rise of Nick Aldis, Rod Terry, Doug Williams as part of one of the biggest Heel roles that TNA has seen next to the launch of the Main Event Mafia.


Even though he has only been with TNA for a year the creative team has really gotten their teeth into him. Decorating him with the World TNA Tag Team Championship along with the IWGP Tag Team Championships with his long term friend Doug Williams who he has been with since he was wrestling back here in the UK.


Brutus takes us all by storm as he rubs Americans, Canadians, Scottish and Irishs nose in the fact that they are the best at everything they have done.


When I first saw them arrive in TNA I thought 'Oh no not another Rowdy Roddy Piper wannabe' but, I was soon eating my words as he showed the audience of TNA what a heel character should be.


He made me want to reach through the screen with both hands and ring his neck for the mouth on him. Yet I was admire his in ring skills that were not only impressive but, something that shows he is determined to make a name for himself.


I think that we will be seeing Brutus Magnus being around the TNA Impact for a long time to come and even see him become Legends Champion one day very soon.


He is truly one of the many new and amazing feathers that has been added to TNA's cap.


Am a hundred percent positive that he will be one of those men that we be able to play an good heel and baby face roles.


I'm also sure that we will be seeing a feud between Desmond Wolfe over who's the biggest and badest heel.


I think its safe to say that Nick Aldis is someone that TNA's Creative team will never truly get bored with and it will make him one if not the best up and coming International Talent to date.