Is Brady Getting Special Calls?

Lewis OliverCorrespondent INovember 8, 2009

So around the league lately, players have come out and said that NE Golden Boy Tom Brady gets special treatment from the refs. Many would call this crazy talk.

Brady was quoted "i don't think I've ever influenced a call."

You have to be very dumb to go out and say something like that. Every player will ask for a flag at least fifteen during their careers. So i can only believe that Brady means he hopes he hasn't had special treatment from refs.

This is the same brady who won a game during the unbelievable 16-0 season, do to a flag that gave the pats first they needed to win the game, and later said the refs owed them the call.

Over Brady's career though one must wonder why so many calls have gone his way. Is it the luck of the draw? Are the pats just picture perfect? Either way in my opinion i would say they have had  treatment in many games.

Moss only had 23 Touchdowns(with Brady's 50 TD Pass's) because the refs would never call offensive pass interference. Moss pushed off of the defenders many times that season and it wasn't called until a coach had to bring it to the attention of the league.

The tuck rule will haunt the Pats(along with spygate) dynasty forever. The fact that in the years leading up to Brady's season ending injury, Vince Young, Carson Palmer and Phillip Rivers all suffered the same fate as Brady. Yet none of them had a rule made for them.

So i would like to know what people on Bleacher Report think. isn't a great place to get opinions or even good arguments. 

That's the link to the page on about this. please feel free to tell me what you think.