World Championship Boxing:My Take

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World Championship Boxing:My Take
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My take. I like the sound of that. Not that I have the right to coin such a common expression but it will serve as the template for my new post fight review that should run after every fight of relative relevance. World championship Boxing returned to the international air waves last night and while only one of the four fighters deserved to be on the boxing ’s preeminent program I will still attempt to raise and answer questions that came to and from my mind as the night progressed(and regressed)
1. What in the world was the ref doing during the undercard contest???
This question is so tough to answer because with all of my being I can’t fathom how a ref so inept, so aloof, could be given a fight on an HBO stage. The reason for this hiccup by the fights organizers could be many things friends. It could be the clandestine CT athletic commission. We know nothing about them and its not as if they have a track record to speak of so perhaps its to much to expect them to deliver an acceptable world class ref. Here is what I saw
-Angulo(god bless him) beat yorgey into the ground in the second round. Literally into the canvas. Yorgey fell to TWO knees. He did not “take” a knee. He was brought to his knees by perfectly timed crisp clean shots. Upon arriving at the canvas(and bottom ropes) the ref initially made the correct decision and rushed to the scene to intervene. The problem is the intervention took place WAY after the fact. Angulo in the heat of the moment smashed yorgey upside the head twice WHILE he was down. Some of you may say that this is a minuscule rule that really does not matter. Tell that to Roy Jones Jr who was stripped of his perfect record due to this universal rule. The ref did not even WARN Angulo and did not address it between rounds. Come to think of it no one not even the blessed commentators said anything. NOTHING. They glossed over it like infomercial fine print that is never on the TV screen long enough to read.
-In the 3rd round Angulo hurt Yorgey again with a counter right cross. Yorgey staggers. Angulo beings his pursuit. The ref jumps in between them while yorgey falls into the turnbuckle. I wait for a ruling. So does angulo. No ruling comes. The ref ovb overwhelmed by the heat of the action timidly, STEPS out of the way and allows the action to continue much to the confusion of the fighters and the audience. So fans. What exactly was that? Manny said on the telecast “it’s a standing eight count” . That assertion was incorrect not only because there is no standing eight count in the state of CT but more because the ref must actually go over and count to eight while checking on the physical status of the beaten fighter. He did not do that. He intervened, slowed angulo’s momentum, stood there, and then MOVED out of the way. He did not even go over and check if yorgey could continue.
-He allowed the fight to continue when it was quite evident that Yorgey posed no threat let along a challenge for the Pit bull from Mexico. He was stumbling around the ring form pillar to post. His life was in danger. He could have been mortally wounded in the fight. It took his eyes going back in his head for the fight to be stopped. By the way it was not the ref who actually called the fight. It was the super concerned doctor who must have been viewing the developments in horror

HBO, the promoters, the ct athletic commission, everyone involved came very close to being responsible for a man getting hurt last night. There was two occasions in which the ref, the man who’s job is to serve and protect, failed to do both and now a fighters career may be over if he has any designs on a full and happy life. I am shell shocked by the professional ineptitude of the Ref and the lack of due diligence applied by concerned parties last night

2.The interim title….baloney or filet?

Baloney. BS. Cannon fodder. Fagase. A deteriment. Let me get this straight. Paul Williams won a vacant 154 pound WBO interim title last year. He then fought two fights at middleweight because the full titleholder Sergio has been having problems with his handlers and their questionable contract stipulations. Paul does the natural thing. He fights. About 2 weeks ago the WBO comes out and sanctions the YORGEY/AA fight as an interim title fight. They do not furnish notice to Paul Williams AND they don’t give him a deadline to meet his obligations per any specified guidelines. Lets get this straight. The interim title is a glorified number one ranking designed to draw extra bread to the powers that be. The interim titlist is not actually the WBO’S champion in that division but they still expect fees and can appoint mandatory challengers and as evidenced by 2 weeks ago they can also strip you of this Phantom title with out rhyme or reason. I believe in my heart that this is a matter of constitutional law. I believe that Congress and DC brass is eventually going to take a look at this criminal practice. It’s inevitable.

3.Bad Chad is…..
Bland, generic, boring, Watching him fight can be likened to a MC hash brown with out Ketchup. It is a quality and fulfilling snack but it is missing that bang, it lacks spice, and towards the end of it you are no longer enjoying a snack that should be amazing given the contents. That is Chad Dawson in a nutshell fans. He has speed, grace, length, undeniable physical gifts. He is undefeated and now must be hailed as the best light-heavyweight in the world. Look at the accolades he has in his cap at such a young age. He is contracted by HBO for the foreseeable future. Chad Dawson has all the makings and ingredients of a bona fide super star. A ticket seller. A top flight boxing attraction. The resume I just expanded on should by default be considered crem de la crem among boxing fans. He should be a fighter that draws the casual boxing fan into a believer. Shoulda woulda coulda. He does not sell. He does not make insightful thought provoking comments. He in terms of boxing comes from not so fertile ground which explains why the state of CT does not seem to know how to embrace him. Mabye I am being to tough, maybe I am being to critical. But, why don’t you take a listen to chad’s hometown fans in the later rounds of last night. In his home state, a 40 min drive up 91 from his native new haven. He was drenched with boos. When is the last time CT had a true credible world class champion they could call there own? Willie Pep comes to mind but that’s about it. When is the last time WCB did a show in CT? For fans to boo given the circumstances you as a boxing fan have to accept the truth. Chad Dawson is the Klitscko’s reincarnated. HBO called it the best perfomance of his career. Fistically it is hard to argue that point, but commercially, sex appeal wise, last night was a colossal disaster that must have keyed HBO into the fact that this man can not carry the HBO brand, he can not sell, he does not have any big fights out there, and by golly did we upset the apple cart by throwing 3.2 million dollars and our hallmark program on the line for this amazingly boring fighter that bored me to go out last night and do my catching up with tevo. I believe its drawing board time for Russ Greenburg and all of a sudden that option on chad’s next fight looms as a financial albatross that must be fixed with HBO’S budget cut almost upon us

I hope I brought some issues to the fold that is this great website, be well

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