X-1 Fights For Soldiers

Gem JohnsonContributor INovember 8, 2009

X‐1 World events knows how to put on a show, and this time it was a show of force for our proud US Troops. The evening of MMA held at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, in front of a crowd of approximately 2000 people was bigger than most people had even hoped for when they saw the flyers around the base.

Many of the fighters during the evening had some sort of military tie, like Dejuan Hathaway who is a trainer at a Marine Corps base in Kaneohe Hawaii. One of his trainees and fans, Zikiya Walters‐Bennett, drove over to see him fight and left impressed. "This is my first time to see an event like this, and I have been texting people all night telling them that they missed out. Those fighters were kicking some Ass."

X‐1 has held over 100 events in its 4 years so far, and has just signed a deal to provide original programming for Fox Sports next year. Christine Young from X‐1 says that providing an event for the Military in Hawaii, is very special "I love doing this, many of the people here are so thankful to have us here, it makes it worthwhile."

Those in attendance loved the chance to bring out there whole family, and two youngsters in the crowd had ear to ear smiles. Jonah and Jamie 7 year old twins felt inspired by watching the fights. "We want to be fighters" and of course their favorite part was seeing the action in the ring and watching the losers "get knocked out".

The evening was also special due to the fact that many of these soldiers had recently returned from deployments in either Afghanistan or Iraq. A Chaplain from the 1‐27 Infantry Unit said he thought that this was a big Moral Boost. Captain Chuck Lowman said that "seeing all of the different experience levels makes this exciting, I get pumped when someone really puts something into it." He also got a big laugh at the fact that his soldiers think it's weird when their Chaplain can put them into a guillotine choke hold.

X‐1 World Events can be found online at www.x1events.com.

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