Oregon State Beavers Should Be Applauded For Being a Class Act

Steven ResnickSenior Writer INovember 7, 2009

Every so often in the game of football there comes a play that makes you realize just how dangerous the game is. Fans like me get accustomed to seeing players take big hits and get up or maybe miss a play or two, it's when these players don't get up is when that realization hits. 

That kind of play happened in tonight's game with the Oregon State Beavers taking on the California Golden Bears. After the incident I don't think Cal ever fully got back into the game. Their attention was mainly focused on one man, Jahvid Best.

On the play Best scored on a touchdown run, but as he got close to the end zone he dove for the end zone and as a defender from Oregon State came coming to try to hit Best, he was launched even higher in the air.

When Best came down he was about five feet in the air and landed on the ground with his lower back and due to the impact his helmet went flying off. At first when I saw it I thought that he had just knocked the wind out of himself, but when he didn't get up that's when the concern for Best really came on. 

After seeing the replay the realization was that the injury was going to be much more severe than having the wind knocked out him. Team doctors were out on the field almost immediately to tend to him.

As you can see with the picture, he was carted off the field on a stretcher. Best was on the field for at least 10 minutes before he was taken to the hospital.

During that time Pac-10 fans got to see how classy the Oregon State Beavers are. As Best remained motionless the defensive players on the field got down on their knees and said a prayer for Best. 

If you were watching as the game progressed there wasn't much news about Best's condition. So, as a Bear fan that was rather scary because you could only assume the worst, and if you saw how he landed it could have been a life changing injury.

Best could have easily broken a bone in his back with the way he landed, but as the third quarter came maybe the best news of the night came. Best had all movement in his extremities and was diagnosed with a concussion. Obviously anytime there's a head injury the hospital is also going to keep them for observation and further testing.

Even though the Bears lost 31-14 to the Beavers the bigger news for the team is that Best has all movement. Also, the Beavers get more respect from me for being a team that is a class act.