How Will the Buffalo Bills Do in 2008? Are They a Playoff Team?

Brendon TateCorrespondent IJune 10, 2008

The Buffalo Bills have not been to the playoffs in years. Will they ever return? With a new and younger team in 2008, maybe the Bills can make a run and be a surprise team in the upcoming season.


In the start of the 2007 season, the Buffalo Bills were predicted to finish 3-13, as said by Marshall Faulk of the NFL Network. The Bills had just added a new head coach and a roster of young talent. It was an easy statement to say that the Bills would finish 3-13.


In the 2007 season opener against the Denver Broncos, the Bills looked like a 3-13 team, only passing for 97 yards and their only touchdowns coming from a punt return from Roscoe Parrish and a rush T.D from Marshawn Lynch.


They would continue to get battered as the season went on. They lost to Pittsburgh 26-3 and New England 38-7. Along with the lost games, they lost many key players like Ko Simpson, Ryan Denny, Keith Ellison, Kevin Everett, Jason Webster, and Coy Wire, all out for the year, and that was just during the first three games.


Many people said after that it would be hard to win a game. By week four they finally won their first game against the New York Jets in a 17-13 win. Things would only get better for the Bills as they went on a 5-1 winning game streak. Although the Bills did not end so great, they did have to play some good teams, like the undefeated Patriots twice and the Cowboys (the game that the Bills really should have won).


The point is that the Bills are a team who consistently lose and miss the playoffs, but will they make it this upcoming year? That question will be answered later.  They have made some of the best progress in a team I have seen in a while.


Since he started in place of J.P Losman, Trent Edward has been showing flashes of his talent and being consistent on a week to week basis. The Bills could have a good chance of being a good team. Their roster includes some good players who could be potential pro bowlers in years to come.


Marshawn Lynch showed what he can do after having a good season, finishing with 1,115 yards on 280 carries with seven touchdowns in only 13 games. Roscoe Parrish also showed what he can do in the punt return game after having the best average punt return with 16.3 and having a punt return for a TD in the game against Denver.


The Buffalo Bills are also getting younger and better in defense. With their young linebacker corps they can get better and potentially have good seasons. The Bills have also been busy in free agency by adding Marcus Stroud and Kawika Mitchell who I think should improve their 25th ranked rush defense.


Along with other additions in free agency, the Bills are a better team. To improve on their team the Bills added much needed talent in the 2008 NFL Draft. They started by adding one of my favorite corners out of college, Leodis McKelvin from Troy, whom I believe is an automatic starter from day one on the opposite side of Terrence McGee.


They also went out and acquired one of the tallest receivers I had ever seen. James Hardy out of Indiana stacks up at 6'7" 220 lbs and he will be getting a lot of red zone action; that height of his is something you can’t ignore.


Other draft picks include:


Chris Ellis, DEVirginia

Reggie Corner, CBAkron

Derek Fine, TEKansas

Alvin Bowen, OLBIowa State

Xavier Omon, RBMissouri Western State

Demetrius Bell, OTNorthwestern State

Steve Johnson, WRKentucky

Kennard Cox, DBPittsburgh



With all of their acquired talent, will they ever return to being a playoff type team? I think that they will improve on their 29th ranked pass defense. I also think they will improve on their 25th ranked rush defense.


I just don't see them making the playoffs this year. I love what they have done and I think that in the 2009 season the Bills will be good. This season, I see them building up to what they can do. I see the Bills finishing 9-7 this year and look for them to make the playoffs in the 2009 season if they can keep all of their talent.