Missouri Secondary Has Most Embarrassing Effort This Fan Has Witnessed

Peter FleischerSenior Writer INovember 7, 2009

All summer long the Mizzou secondary talked about how their simplified game plan and increased accountability under new defensive coordinator Dave Steckel would improve their horrid pass defense from a year ago.

For a group that talked so much about improvement, and "shocking the world" and showing the country what they could do, the results have been awful.

Hell, if they had admitted they were going to be bad, they'd still be terrible.

Carl Gettis is the perfect microcosm. He talks more trash than anybody on the team, and routinely gets toasted.

I was one of the many who thought Mizzou really had a chance to smoke Baylor this weekend. What an idiot I look like. The stats indicated Missouri should win. But they were disgraced on their home turf.

And there's one reason.

The secondary.

Let's look at the facts here boys.

Blaine Gabbert throws for almost 500 yards and has zero turnovers. Sure, Missouri's one-sided offense is a little too predictable (that's an argument for another day), but when a team rolls up 478 total yards and scores 32, they should win.

The defensive front allowed 39 yards rushing for 1.7 yards per carry. That's Steel Curtain good.

Now comes the good stuff.

The secondary gets roasted for a Baylor school record 433 yards through the air by a freshman who is starting his fourth game. Baylor had scored no more than 10 points all season long, yet drops 40 in CoMo.

What a disgraceful game and effort. I'm not going to get started on why Derrick Washington didn't get enough carries or why we literally saw NONE of the two-back set that Mizzou has been successful with in the last two weeks despite being ahead and in perfect position to run the ball.

The entire Missouri secondary should be embarrassed.

I know I am.