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LAS VEGAS - DECEMBER 07:  Pro wrestler Kurt Angle arrives at Spike TV's 2007 'Video Game Awards' at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on December 7, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
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When the best pure wrestling show, ROH , arrived on Monday nights we all knew Vince would not take it lying down. Not that Ring of Honor is a real threat to the WWE, but I think it was just the statement they tried to make by moving to Monday nights.

So what does this decision cost them, their two top superstars, Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuiness. Both men have been there since the beginning and helped put ROH on the map. Their contributions were monumental when it came to the respect that ROH began to garner throughout the wrestling world.

They are both in their early 30's, both have been around the world several times tweeking their abilities, and both are at the age where they finally want to make some real money.

It did not take much convincing before ROH was announcing the farewell tour of "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson. A string of matches where he would officially pass the torch to the younger talent. During this tour he had insane matches with "The Young Knockout Kid" Chris Hero, one half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions Davey Richards, and Danielson just last week allowed the ROH World Champion Austin Aries to pin his shoulders to the mat for a 1,2,3.

Nigel on the other hand was not given the same farewell. His departure from the company has only been mentioned as possible rumor coming from the internet. Over the last couple weeks Nigel has been coming out, verbally assaulting the fans as usual and refusing to give them the violent matches that he says they crave. So his matches have been very grounded usually ending in submission. The fact that he jobbed (not even wrestled)this Monday against one of ROH's up in coming superstars Colt (Boom Boom) Cobana, is proof positive that we have witnessed the death of our beloved Nigel McGuiness.

But this is living proof that sometimes dead is better (quote from Stephen King's classic Pet Semetary, for all you fellow horror fans.) The death of Mr. McGuiness has brought us the birth of Mr. Desmond Wolff. One of the best solid debut's of a new wrestling character that I have seen in a very long time.

Ring Of Honor fans, like myself, have known of his remarkable talent for years now. But finally TNA did not drop the ball and gave him a debut fit for a king.

The powers that be let him take out the top dog. Not just any top dog, the olympic gold metalist himself Kurt Angle. When was the last time someone manhandled Kurt Angle like that?

First, during Angle's backstage intetview with J.B.

Next, in the ring. Putting the chair to his neck telling him to just think about. To just think about what Mr. Wolff was capable of doing.

Then, Mr.Wolff took a bite out of TNA.  He layed their top paid superstar out with one clothesline. A good one, not a great one, not a Nikita Koloff SICKLE, but a good lariat.

Mr. Kurt Angle was then stretchered out. When was the last time we were privledged with that sight?  The sight of Kurt Angle being strapped down and carried out of the Impact Zone.

So, all these images of grandeur would have never been possible if WWE wellness policy wasn't so strict. I haven't heard the exact details and won't claim to know definitively but Mr. Wolff did fail his WWE physical.

The possibilities could be endless, but something prevented the man once known as Nigel McGuiness from joining the WWE universe.

It could be one of his bicep tears that has not healed properly yet. He injured both muscles this year in ROH.

It could have been a failed drug test for a sleugh of different substances.

Whatever it was, it was a huge positive for TNA and a missed opportunity for the WWE.

So far TNA has done a very good job introducing Desmond Wolff to the wrestling world.

The snarl must calm down a little. The strut has to become more of a narcisistic swagger, then a typical heel stroll. All in good time.

Everything else seems to be on point.

At TNA'S TURNING POINT on NOVEMBER 15 Desmond Wolff takes on Kurt Angle.

This is without a doubt the biggest match of Desmonds career.

The world will be watching, and hopefully he grabs the ball and runs with it.

Thank you always for reading and your feedback and opinions are much appreciated.