College Football No-Bias Rankings: Nov. 7

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College Football No-Bias Rankings: Nov. 7
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I took a long time to make some no-bias rankings for this college football season.

I know there will be some controversies, but please remember that I don't necessarily agree with all of these rankings, but this is just what came out when I used the formula that I made.

The formula takes each team's winning percentage and their opponent's winning percentage to date, and divided their average margin of victory by 28.3 (the largest FBS margin of victory, which is held by Texas) to get three percentages representing their success this season, their strength of schedule, and how well they've done in their games.

I then added the three percentages and divided them by three to get an average, and used those averages in order to get these rankings (if a team has a lower average than a team they've beaten, and they have the same or a better record, they are automatically ranked in front of that team):

1.      Texas

2.      Florida

3.      Cincinnati

4.      Boise State

5.      TCU

6.      Alabama

7.      Iowa

8.      Penn State

9.      Oregon

10.   USC

11.   Ohio State

12.   Pittsburgh

13.   LSU

14.   Houston

15.   USF

16.   Georgia Tech

17.   Virginia Tech

18.   Clemson

19.   Oklahoma State

20.   Rutgers

21.   Wisconsin

22.   California

23.   Utah

24.   Arizona

25.   Central Michigan

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