Lebron Greets The Stars In New York... Cav's Fans Can Take A Hint

jon xenikContributor INovember 7, 2009

As Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers took on the New York Knicks in their one and only meeting in Madison Square Garden this season, there was only one outcome in qustion last night...

Which uniform will Lebron be wearing the next time he plays in this building?

We'll never know exactly what LeBron James was thinking when he was scoring from every spot on the Madison Square Garden floor right from the opening tip Friday night, turning the World's Most Famous Arena into the World's Most Expensive Practice Court. Only he knows how it felt to hit a buzzer-beating 3-pointer at the end of the first quarter and flash the three-finger sign to celebrity row, which amounted to the Yankees' bench plus Jay-Z.

After scoring 33 points in the Cavs' 100-91 victory -- 19 of them in a freight-train of a first quarter -- James was asked what he'd remember most about this night. "The atmosphere," he said, and then proceeded to list nearly every celebrity who had lined the court to see him.

"A lot of stars in the building," James said. "It's humbling to know that you have guys like the Yankees come out, and Jay-Z, and you saw some of the Giants. I saw John Legend, Chris Rock, a lot of people. You almost feel like you're a performer sitting on this stage and they're watching you perform."



"I think the NBA is missing out on the fact that the Knicks haven't been great in a few years now," LeBron was saying before the game, rocking a new pair of designer, Mars Blackmon-style glasses for the occasion. "We all know the history of the Knicks and what's happened in this building and what the Knicks franchise has done for this league. So as a fan, I think it'd be great some day, one day, when this franchise can be particularly good."

I don't like "reading into things" too much... widely known as 'speculation' in the world of sports, but if I am a Cleveland Cavalier fan, I am trading in my #23 jersey for a box of Kleenex right about now.

The only solace afforded to Cleveland now is the company of other second rate cities who experienced the same snubbing as it unfolded in their town.  Just ask Orlando about Shaquille O'Neil.  Or ask Boston and Texas about Alex Rodriguez. (Funny how both of them were in attendance last night).  Green Bay might want to throw their two cents in their too.

And when I say "second rate" city, I mean the way a city and it's devoted fans are left to feel when a player such as Lebron James moves on to "bigger and better' things.

Is it right? ... Probably Not.

Is it disloyal? ... Maybe a little.

Is it going to happen? 

"It's never low-key coming into the city," LeBron said.

Just the way he likes it.