Will TNA's Acquisition of Hulk Hogan Be a Bust?

Myles HubbardCorrespondent INovember 7, 2009

So, for the past two weeks people from around the world have supposedly been talking about the acquisition of a fellow by the name of Terry Bollea to TNA Wrestling. This man's mere name was supposed to increase television ratings astronomically.

Even rumors of Ric Flair and Rob Van Dam jumping aboard circulated throughout the wrestling community.

Before the message could even be spread to everyone, word was going around that the company could actually develop a new show to compete with Monday Night Raw!

All of this hype and commotion about Hulk Hogan coming to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and where are they at currently?

You see, this past Thursday's edition of TNA Impact was supposed to be a follow up in the success they had the previous week with "increasing their ratings."

The 1.3 rating they acquired was the highest they had in numerous months. The arrival of Hulk Hogan to TNA was seemingly the reason why they had experienced this decent rise in the ratings.

This was supposedly a sign of things to come for "the company that will eventually overtake WWE." People were expecting this weeks episode to experience even higher ratings. Maybe even in the 2.0s. I think not.

As I was looking through reliable news sources online on Friday, I came across what I was aiming to find, the ratings for the latest Impact.

So I as I looked at the heading that said, "Ratings for Superstars and Impact, Has news of Hogan's signing once again helped increase ratings?"

I shamefully expected to see a report which stated that the episode garnered a 1.5+ rating. I was terribly wrong.

When I first saw that 1.0 figure on my screen, I automatically assumed that it was the rating for Superstars. But, I was sure to be painfully mistaken. This was only ONE week after the "big" news of Hulk Hogan's signing was officially announced on television.

So if you can barely maintain a 1.0 rating with Hulk Hogan's name, how do you think you're going to do if you get "Mr. Anderson" or "Kenneth Kennedy", whatever he goes by now.

Once again TNA finds themselves struggling to stay ahead of WWE Superstars and sometimes getting beaten by ECW in the ratings. What could they actually do with a time slot on Mondays?

You see, if you watched Impact this week, then you noticed that the show started off with Dixie Carter addressing the entire TNA roster in an empty Impact Zone. REALLY? How in the Blue Hell will this keep any casual fan from switching the channel?

Especially when there were many other things worth watching on televisions. When Scott Steiner is gathering your biggest ratings, you're doing something wrong.

In my opinion, Hogan's signing will most likely be a bust. It's not certain that he will ever even show his face in the Impact Zone. People do not want to see footage of a press conference. They want to see you actually show up at the show and put over some of the young talent they have. It seems that Black Machismo Jay Lethal will be starting a storyline involving himself challenging different legends every week. Not saying that I want to see Hogan wrestle again, which I don't, but he could very well put Lethal extremely over if he wanted too. His gimmick is fairly entertaining and he can get the job done in the ring.

It's obvious TNA is not going to be able to get by on mentioning his name every week and expect to just start getting Smackdown-like ratings out of nowhere. It's just not going to happen.

Some people say that the blue brand's ratings are not as high as Raw's because of the channel that they're broadcast on.

I have to digress. Many people regret to mention that Spike TV is available on most of, if not all cable networks in the United States and many other countries.

If your ratings drop by .3 points in a week, there's either something wrong, or people are just not interested in your product. Word going around is that Hogan will have an abundance of behind the scenes power and will seemingly "run" TNA.

I know that it might me a little too early to tell, but I don't know how all of this will work out. Right now it's not looking good for Total Nonstop Action.

Thanks for reading.