College Football Inquiry: Midnight At The Oasis

BabyTateSenior Writer INovember 7, 2009

Another trip through time to discover the answer to eight of life's great questions.


1. First team defeated by Bear Bryant as head coach of Alabama?

A) Michigan, B) Kentucky, C) Furman, D) Tampa, E) Georgia


2. Last team to defeat Bear Bryant as head coach of Alabama?

A) Michigan, B) Auburn, C) Southern Mississippi, D) South Carolina, E) Tulsa


3. Head Coach of Michigan when they won their last National Championship?


A) Rich Rodriguez, B) Bo Schembechler, C) Les Miles, D) Gary Moeller, E) Lloyd Carr


4. Head Coach of Brigham Young when they won their National Championship?

A) Tom Osborne, B) LaVell Edwards, C) Urban Meyer, D) Gary Crowton, E) Stan Watts


5. Name the coach who has not won a national championship at LSU.

A) Nick Saban, B) Les Miles, C) Paul Dietzel, D) Jerry Stovall


6. What team handed Southern California their last Bowl loss?

A) Alabama, B) Auburn, C) Florida, D) Texas, E) Colorado


7.  Who was the last Heisman Trophy winner from a current Mountain West team?

A) Steve Young, B) Steve Sarkisian, C) Robbie Bosco, D) Ty Detmer, E) Jim McMahon 


8. Who was the first team to ever defeat Notre Dame in a Bowl game?

A) Tennessee, B) Nebraska, C) Texas, D) Southern California, E) Michigan State